Anthrozoology minor

Anthrozoology minor

The Anthrozoology Minor (six courses)

The Anthrozoology minor is designed for students who want to concentrate on mankind’s relationships with other animal species. This minor is open to any student from any major. 

One required course:

ABEC 419 Anthrozoology

Plus any five from the following:

ABEC 218 Applied Animal Behavior
ABEC 330 Animals, Public Policy, & the Law
ABEC 332 Animal Welfare
ABEC 335 Conservation Education
ABEC 363 Canine Evolution, Behavior & Cognition
ABEC 490 Canisius Ambassadors for Conservation
ABEC 491 Internship 1 (if in Anthrozoology field)
ABEC 495 Research Seminar (if Anthrozoology Project)
BIO 322 Conservation Biology
ENG 285 Writing and Animal Studies: Representations in Film/Literature
PHI 245 Animal Ethics
PHI 348 Environmental Ethics
RST 229 Religious Perspectives on Animals

The courses in this minor may be taken independently of the others and in any order. Interested students usually begin with the course that best fits their schedule. Most of the courses are offered every other year, so interested students should plan accordingly.

Canisius College also offers a graduate-level master’s degree in anthrozoology. To learn about that program, click here.