The Zoo Biology Minor (six courses)

The Zoo Biology minor is designed for students who want training relevant to careers associated with captive exotic animals. This minor is open to any student from any major.

One required course:

ABEC 251 Zoo Animal Management
ABEC 350 Zoo Biology

Plus any four of the following:

ABEC 220
ABEC 332
ABEC 335
ABEC 339
ABEC 360 
ABEC 491 
ABEC 492  
ABEC 495 
BIO 110 
BIO 316 
BIO 325
Animal Learning
Animal Welfare
Conservation Education
Animal Enrichment
Observational Research Methods
Internship1 (if zoo/aquarium based)
Internship2 (if zoo/aquarium based)
Research Seminar (if zoo-based Project)
Zoo Nutrition
Social Organization of Mammals
Reproductive Biopsychology

The courses in this minor may be taken independently of the others and in any order. Interested students usually begin with the course that best fits their schedule. Most of the courses are offered every other year, so interested students should plan accordingly.