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Anticipated Animal-And-Nature-Focused Trips for the 15-16 Academic Year

During each year, the ABEC department conducts a number of nature-focused trips for students. Some of these experiences are associated with academic credit; others are conducted solely as informal learning opportunities.
Here is an outline of the educational trips that we are contemplating for 2015-16.  Students can use this information as they think about their schedules, budgets, and options.  Note however that the details presented here remain subject to change as plans develop.
We hope that all ABEC students will be able to participate in one or more of these wonderful learning opportunities.

Whales and Tails

Destination:University of Alaska, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Kenai Fjords National Park
Dates: 9-22 June 2015
Activities/Goals: Attendance at Animal Behavior conference.  Observations of temperate rainforest wildlife and of near-shore marine mammals.
Sponsor/Mentor: ABEC/Noonan (Margulis)
Participants: Open to all students.
Cost to student: $2530, plus food
Deadline to apply/deposit: 15 May 2015

Elk on the Edge

Destination: Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado)
Dates: 9-13 October 2015
Activities/Goals: Study of elk social behavior in the rocky mountain ecosystem. Sponsor/Mentor: ABEC/Noonan
Participation: Undergraduate students enrolled in BIO316 – Social Organization of Mammals.
Cost Per Person: $450
Deadline to apply/deposit: 1 June 2015

Tools and Tusks

Destination: Gombe National Park and Ruaha National Park (Tanzania)
Dates: 2-18 January 2016
Activities/Goals: Observation of chimpanzees/forest ecology. Observation of elephants/savannah ecology. Part of one-credit CAC course to be completed during Spring 16 semester.
Sponsor/Mentor: CAC/Noonan
Participants: Participants limited to four students.  Seats competitively awarded.
Cost to student: $4880, plus food
Deadline to apply/deposit: 30 August 2015
For more information, visit: www.canisius.edu/~noonan/cac/cac_tanzania.htm

Sea to Shore

Destination: Central California
Dates: 24 March to 3 April 2016
Activities/Goals: Giant redwood forests, Big Sur coastal landscape.  Observations of grey whales, elephant seals, sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, and elk.  Observations of California condors, and 100+ additional species of birds.
Sponsor/Mentor: CZS/Noonan
Participants: Participants limited to eleven ABEC/CZS students.
Cost to student: $1,200, plus food.
Deadline to apply/deposit: 20 October 2015
For more information, visit: www.canisius.edu/~noonan/for_students/czs_california.htm.

Zoo Exhibitry

Destination: Miscellaneous zoos in the Eastern United States
Dates: 31 March 2016 to 3 April 2016
Activities: Tour of zoos to study principles of zoo design.  Associated with one-credit course to be completed during the Spring 16 semester.
Sponsor/Mentor: ABEC/Margulis
Participants: Limited to eight ABEC students.
Cost to student: $150, plus food
Deadline to apply/deposit: 20 October 2015

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in South Africa

Destination: Lajuma Research Centre and Kruger Nat’l Park (South Africa)
When: tba (three weeks during summer 2016)
What: Field study of monkeys, and other highland wildlife endemic to the hill regions of South Africa. Kruger National Park for observations of additional wildlife species endemic to scrubland habitat. Part of three-credit course to be completed during Fall 16 semester.
Sponsor/Mentor: ABEC/Margulis
Participation: Participation is limited to eight students. Seats competitively awarded.
Cost Per Person: $3,500 (est)
Deadline to apply/deposit: tba (approx. November 2015)