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Anticipated Animal-And-Nature-Focused Trips during the 2013-2014 Academic Year

We are contemplating seven different trips during the 2013-2014 school year.  Canisius students can use this information as they think about their own schedules, examine their budgets, and weigh the options.  However, please note that the details on this list are subject to change as plans develop.  As each opportunity firms up, signup sheets will be available in the ABEC Office (HSC303A).

Social Dynamics During the Elk Rutting Season 

Destination:  Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
When:  October 12-15, 2013
What:  Study of social behavior in the rocky mountain elk, a large deer species that practices a harem mating system. 
Sponsor/Mentor: ABEC/Noonan
Participation: Students enrolled in BIO316 – Social Organization of Mammals.
Cost Per Person: $450

Zoo Exhibitry

Destination: Five Zoos in Five Days (including Toledo, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, and Detroit)
When: October 12-15, 2013
What: Study of the principles of animal exhibitry in a cross section of America’s zoo.  This will include a critical examination of the efficacy of zoo exhibits in serving the mission of zoos.
Sponsor/Mentor: ABEC/Margulis
Participation: Students enrolled in ABEC 350 – Zoo Biology.
Cost Per Person: $90

Wildlife Adaptations in the Amazon 

Destination: National Park System of Peru
When: December 14-21, 2013
What:  Experience tropical wildlife while exploring the upper Amazon river basin. 
Sponsor/Mentor: CZS/Noonan
Participation: Open to all students.
Cost Per Person: $3,400

Chimpanzee Social Ecology

Destination: Gombe National Park, Tanzania
When: December 29, 2013 – January 12, 2014
What:  Investigation of Chimpanzee Social Behavior
Sponsor/Mentor: CAC/Noonan
Participation:  Limited to six students.  Space allocated in competitive process.  These studies begin three-credit course to be completed in Spring 2013 semester.
Cost Per Person:  $4,600

Biodiversity in the Caribbean 

Destination:  Virgin Islands National Park, Island of St Johns, US Virgin Islands
When: February 15-18, 2014
What:  Tropical Rainforest Birding, Coral Reef Snorkeling
Sponsor/Mentor: CZS/Noonan
Participation: Open to all students.
Cost Per Person: $1,300

Pacific Flyway – Migratory Birds

Destination:  California, Oregon and Washington
When:  March 15-23, 2014
What: Study of bird migration, from San Diego to Seattle.  Focus on the critical role played by weather and geography in the migratory behavior of birds.  This study is continued on weekends during Spring semester, and is followed by five weeks of service teaching children at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge in May-June 2014.
Sponsor/Mentor: CAC/Noonan
Participation: Limited to six students.  Space allocated in competitive process.
Cost Per Person: $0 (all expenses covered by program)

Killer Whale Ecology

Destination:  British Columbia
When:  April 17-21, 2014
What:  Observations of wildlife in the Salish Sea, and in Pacific Rim National Park.  Special focus will be on killer whales and other marine mammals. 
Sponsor/Mentor:  CZS/Noonan
Participation:  Open to all students.
Cost Per Person:  $990

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in South Africa 

Destination:  Lajuma Research Centre and Kruger Nat’l Park, South Africa
When: May 20-June 11, 2014
What: Field study of monkeys, and other highland wildlife endemic to the hill regions of South Africa.  Kruger National Park for observations of additional wildlife species endemic to scrubland habitat.
Sponsor/Mentor: ABEC/Margulis
Participation: Students enrolled in ABEC 404, a course that continues into the Fall-14 semester.  Participation is limited to 8 students.
Cost Per Person: $3,500