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Anticipated Animal-And-Nature-Focused Trips during the 2014-2015 Academic Year

During each year, our department conducts a number of nature-focused trips for students.

Some of these experiences are associated with academic credit; others are conducted solely as informal learning opportunities.  Some trips are limited to ABEC undergraduates.  Some are specific to ANZO graduate students.  Many can involve both ABECs and ANZOs.

Here is an outline of the educational trips that we are contemplating for 2014-15.  Students can use this information as they think about their own schedules, examine their budgets, and weigh the options.  Please do note, however, that the details on this list are subject to change as plans develop.  As each opportunity firms up, signup sheets will be available in the ABEC Office (HSC201). 

We hope that you will think of joining one or more of them.

The Animals of Argentina

Destination: Buenos Aires, Viedma, Paileman, Peninsula Valdes (Argentina)
Dates: 25 May 2014 to 6 June 2014
Activities/Goals: 1. One day meeting at BA Vet School. 2. Southern Entre Rios wetlands (rhea, mara, etc.). 3. Burrowing parrot colony at Viedma. 4. Andean Condor release site at Paileman. 5. Marine wildlife observations on Peninsula Valdes.
Sponsor/Mentor: ABEC/Noonan
Participants: Open to all students
Cost to student: $4000, plus food
Deadline to apply/deposit: 5 May 2014

Trees for Monkeys (Costa Rica)

Destination: Quepos, Manuel Antonio Nat’l Park, Carara National Park, and Monteverde Cloud Forest (Costa Rica)
Dates: 6 July 2014 to 12 July 2014
Activities/Goals: 1. Assist in tree-planting project (conversion of golf course to rainforest). 2. Visit to National Parks to view rainforest wildlife (monkeys, sloths, parrots, etc. etc.).
Sponsor/Mentor: ABEC/Noonan
Participants: Open to all students
Cost to student: $1200, plus food
Deadline for full payment: 9 May 2014

The Ice Whale video project

Destination: Hudson Bay (Churchill, Manitoba)
Dates: 27 July 2014 to 7 August 2014
Activities/Goals: CAC travel to Arctic to film wild beluga whales
Sponsor/Mentor: CAC/Noonan
Participants: Limited to three students selected to serve on film crew
Cost to student: $0  (all expenses covered by external grant)
Deadline to apply/deposit: immediately (provide resume to DrN, with emphasis on film experience/skills)

Animal Behavior Society Meeting

Destination: Animal Behavior Society Meeting at Princeton University (New Jersey)
Dates: 9 August 2014 to 17 August 2014
Activities/Goals: Attendance at scientific conference focused on animal behavior.
Sponsor/Mentor: ABEC/Noonan & Margulis
Participants: Open to all students
Cost to student: $600, plus food
Deadline to apply/deposit: 1 June 2014

Elk on the Edge

Destination: Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado)
Dates: 10 October 2014 to 14 October 2014
Activities/Goals: Study of social behavior in the rocky mountain elk, a large deer species that practices a harem mating system.
Sponsor/Mentor: ABEC/Noonan
Participants: Undergraduate students enrolled in BIO316 – Social Organization of Mammals.
Cost to student: $450
Deadline to apply/deposit: 1 June 2014

Island Biogeography - Hawaii

Destination: Haleakala National Park and Ahhi Kinau Nature Reserve (Maui, Hawaii)
Dates: 13 December 2014 to 21 December 2014
Activities/Goals: 1. High altitude desert in dormant volcano.  2. Windward rainforest. 3. Inshore coral reefs. 4. Inter-island humpback whale breeding grounds.
Sponsor/Mentor: CAC/Noonan
Participants: Participants limited to six students.  Open to ABEC undergraduates and ANZO graduate students.
Cost to student: $1950, plus food
Deadline to apply/deposit: 30 August 2014
For more information, visit www.canisius.edu/~noonan/cac/cac_hawaii.htm

Ornithology Field Trip

Destination: TBD
Dates: February 2015
Activities/Goals:Observations of birds and other wildlife.
Sponsor/Mentor: Biology/Morris
Participants: Students enrolled in Ornithology course
Cost to student: TBA
Deadline to apply/deposit: December 2014

Winter Wolves

Destination:  Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)
Dates: 13 February 2015 to 17 February 2015
Activities/Goals: Exploration of the mountain-prairie ecosystem in the Yellowstone volcanic caldera.  Particular focus will be upon the population of wolves that have recently been re-introduced to that area.  Observations of winter wildlife (bison, elk, bighorn sheep, wolves).
Sponsor/Mentor: CZS/Noonan
Participants: Open to all students.
Cost to student: $1300
Deadline to apply/deposit: 31 October 2014


Destination:  TBD
Dates: 14 March 2015 to 22 March 2015
Activities/Goals: Study of bird migration patterns, with focus on nature preserves pertinent to wetland ecology and bird migration.  Study is continued on weekends during Spring semester, and is followed by five weeks of service teaching children at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge in May and June.
Sponsor/Mentor: CAC/Noonan
Participants: Limited to six undergraduate students.  Space allocated in competitive process.
Cost to student: $0 (all expenses covered by program)
Deadline to apply/deposit: 15 January 2015
For more information, visit www.canisius.edu/~noonan/cac/cac_flyway_exploration.htm

Human-Rabbit Relations

Destination:  Okunoshima Island, Japan
Dates: 16 March 2015 to 23 March 2015
Activities/Goals: Examination of the interactions between tourists and the rabbits of Okunoshima Island. Study of the social construction of the rabbits by the tourists.  Participation comprises a one-credit mini-course.
Sponsor/Mentor: ANZO/DeMello
Participants: Open to all ANZO graduate students.
Cost to student: $2,952
Deadline to apply/deposit: TBA

Boreal Forest

Destination: Algonquin Provincial Park (Ontario, Canada)
Dates: 10-April-2015 to 12-April-2015
Activities/Goals: The great Boreal Forest stretches across Canada and Siberia, and even into Scandinavia.  It is arguably the world’s largest, most predominate ecosystem.  Our goal on this trip will be to observe the wildlife that inhabit this region.  Possibilities include sightings of moose, gray jay, raven, beaver, and porcupine.  We might even hear the elusive wolf. 
Sponsor/Mentor: CZS/Noonan
Participants: Open to all ABEC/CZS students.
Cost to student: $150
Deadline to apply/deposit: 15 December 2014

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in South Africa

Destination:  Lajuma Research Centre and Kruger Nat’l Park (South Africa)
Dates: 11-May-15 to 2-June-14
Activities/Goals: Field study of monkeys, and other highland wildlife endemic to the hill regions of South Africa.  Kruger National Park for observations of additional wildlife species endemic to scrubland habitat.
Sponsor/Mentor: ABEC/Margulis
Participants: Students enrolled in ABEC 404, a course that continues into the Fall-14 semester.  Participation is limited to 8 undergraduate students.
Cost to student: $3,500 (est.)
Deadline to apply/deposit: TBA (approx. November 2014)

Arctic Adventure

Destination:  Anchorage, Seward, Denali Nat’l Park, Arctic Nat’l Wildlife Refuge (Alaska)
Dates: TBA (approx. August 2015)
Activities/Goals: 1. Travel to Animal Behavior Society conference. 2. Travel to southern coast for observations of wildlife (whales and sea birds).  3. Travel to Denali Nat’l Pk for observations of wildlife (bears and caribou). 4. Travel to north slope (Arctic Nat’l Wildlife Refuge) for observations of wildlife (ice seals and polar bears).
Sponsor/Mentor: ABEC/Noonan
Participants: Open to all students
Cost to student: Approximately $3200, plus food
Deadline to apply/deposit: TBA (approx. November 2014)