Neighborhood Commitment

Neighborhood Commitment

Neighborhood Commitment

Canisius’ commitment to community begins right in our own backyard. It is the college’s driving philosophy that all initiatives must enhance the historic Hamlin Park community as well as Canisius College.

The Hamlin Park community is a terrific place to live and raise a family, and Canisius is committed to doing its part to promote home ownership and assist in our neighborhood’s revitalization. Developed by Canisius President John J. Hurley and conducted in partnership with Belmont Housing Resources, the Hamlin Park Initiative is a housing program designed to refurbish and return college-owned homes in the Hamlin Park neighborhood to owner-occupiers.

Canisius has also donated college-owned homes to Habitat for Humanity. The Canisius chapter partners with Habitat for Humanity  Buffalo on most Saturdays throughout the school year to help those in need achieve the dream of home ownership.  

Employer Assisted Housing Program

Canisius established the Employer Assisted Housing (EAH) Program in 2002. The first program of its kind in Western New York, the Canisius EAH Program provides forgivable loans to employees who purchase homes in the areas surrounding the college. The program encourages  
Canisius employees to live in the city and to contribute to the uplift of the neighborhoods surrounding the campus. Since its establishment, 38 employees have benefitted from the program. 

Protect & Serve – Public Safety

Image of Gary EverettNeighborhood safety begins with the Canisius College Public Safety Department. It is important that our students, faculty, staff and neighbors be able to study and live in an environment that is safe and secure. Canisius was the first private college, public safety  department in New York State to attain peace officer authority. Canisius officers patrol the areas surrounding the campus to improve the safety and quality of life for all residents. Our Public Safety Department works closely with the Buffalo Police Department (BPD) and  the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority  (NFTA). This relationship is facilitated by Canisius’ computer-aided dispatch system, which enables the college to share information with the BPD and other local law enforcement agencies. In addition, all of our supervisors are trained at the same level as New York State police lieutenants.