Grupp Fireside Lounge

As its name suggests, this large room is known for its clean burning fireplace, which provides the ambiance for special events. With two windowed walls that look out onto the Main Quad, the Grupp Fireside Lounge is a very popular venue for larger, higher profile events. With lecture style seating allows for a capacity of 200, or a dinner seating capacity of 160, the Grupp is large enough for most events. Several audio inputs exisit for the house sound system to allow for microphones to be placed in a variety of locations throughout the room. 

Dimensions:     80' x 34'

Dinner Style with BanquetTables:

Maximum Banquet Tables (Diameter 5'):        

  • 20 Banquet Tables with 8 Chairs = 160 Guests  

By adding a Buffet setup:

  • 17 Tables with 8 Chairs = 136 Guests

By adding a Buffet setup with a Bar:

  • 16 Tables with 8 Chairs = 128 Guest

Lecture Style with Chairs Only:  200

Room Equipped With: Internet Connection. Additional Media available upon Request
Lighting: Dimmable and Recessed Lighting.