Rental Fees

For more information about total room fees, special setups, or other needs, contact the Office of Event Management at (716) 888-2180 or email us at Additional staffing charges may apply for all facilities listed below.

Winter Student Center

Executive Conference Room $100/full day
Conference Room $100/full day
Steffan Faculty Dining Room $150/full day
*Regis Room $300/full day
*Regis North or South $150/full day
*Grupp Fireside Lounge $350/full day
Economu Dining Hall $600/full day
  2/3 of Dining Hall $400/full day
  1/3 of Dining Hall $200/full day

Palisano Pavilion

*Palisano Pavilion $250/full day

Lyons Hall

Room 118 Conference Room $150/full day
*Marie Maday Theatre $500/full day

Montante Cultural Center

*Balcony Reception Room  $250/full day
*Lower Level Reception Room  $250/full day
*Main Hall $800/weekdays

Frisch Hall

Frisch Conference Room $100/full day

*Additional Staffing charges will apply for events at this facility.