Academic Talent Search

Academic Talent Search

Canisius Academic Talent Search

The Academic Talent Search Program is one of five federally funded TRIO programs established under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. Academic Talent Search of Canisius College serves approximately 600 youth recruited from area schools and community service organizations.

The main program objective is to provide educational, social and career support services, and co-curricular and cultural enrichment experiences that will heighten the possibility of participants becoming enrolled in postsecondary institutions.

This objective is accomplished through four major components:

  1. Academic Study Skills: to help participants hone necessary academic skills.
  2. College Preparation: to guide participants through the process of planning and decision making.
  3. Career Aspirations: to introduce participants to career and business options.
  4. Social Enrichment: to introduce participants to cultural and social experiences.

Services Offered:

  • Personal, Academic, and/or Career Counseling
  • Tutoring and Mentoring
  • College Admissions Assistance and Forms Completion Assistance
  • Computerized Postsecondary Exploration
  • Financial Aid Counseling and Forms Completion
  • Scholarships & Grants Information
  • SAT/ACT Preparation and Referral
  • Re-entering High School/GED Referral
  • Cultural Awareness Activities
  • Transition Counseling from Middle to High School

A college degree can provide many opportunities in life.

It can mean:

  • Greater knowledge
  • Greater potential
  • More job opportunities
  • More money