Academic Talent Search

Academic Talent Search

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I enroll in the Academic Talent Search Program?
Once you obtain an application and complete it with your parent, you will be informed of your eligibility status. A staff counselor will conduct an assessment interview to complete the enrollment process.

2. Do I have to pay anything to be in the program?
No, the program is free of charge. During some trips or tours students often bring spending money.

3. Once I am in the program, am I required to do anything?
Students receive a newsletter each semester detailing, among other things, the services and activities available for that time. They can speak with an ATS counselor, tutor, or call the office to inform us which ones they want to participate in and attend. Students are expected to attend those activities that they have selected.

4. What if something important comes up and I am unable to attend the tutoring session or activity which I selected?
You should inform us by calling the office or speaking with a staff member as soon as possible. We need to know who will be in attendance so that we can plan accordingly.

5. If I am enrolled in your ATS, does that mean that I have to attend Canisius College after graduating from high school?
No, you can attend any college or university of your choice.

6. Can you help me pay for college?
We assist students in exploring college options, and financial aid sources that will best meet their needs.