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  • Learning Goal 1: Candidates in SEHS programs will demonstrate content knowledge, pedagogical, and professional knowledge necessary for successful performance in their field.
  • Learning Goal 2: Candidates in SEHS programs will demonstrate professional skills and dispositions necessary for successful performance in their field.
  • Learning Goal 3: Candidates in SEHS programs will demonstrate willingness to use their skills to benefit and serve society.  Within the contexts of their work, candidates promote authentic learning, social and emotional development, and a commitment to social justice in environments that foster respect for diversity and the dignity of all.  
  • Learning Goal 4: Candidates will demonstrate self-reflection as a habit of mind, continuously assessing and refining their professional practice as they construct a rich repertoire of research-based knowledge, skills, and attitudes for effective performance ensuring that all students and/or clients have optimal opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Learning Goal 5: Candidates will become adept at applying their acquired knowledge in the process of evaluating their own professional performance and decision-making with respect to its impact on students and/or clients, organizations, and the wider community

Individual programs use these learning goals to craft objectives that are measurable.  Each program’s learning goals and objectives are linked below.

Undergraduate Programs

Adolescence Education
Early Childhood Education
Athletic Training
Childhood Education
Childhood Special Education
Early Childhood/Childhood Education
Health and Physical Education
Health and Wellness
Physical Education
Physical Education/Sport Studies
Sport Management

Graduate Programs

Adolescence Education/Business and Marketing Education
Childhood Education
College Student Personnel
Deaf Education
Differentiated Instruction
Educational Leadership and Supervision
Education Technologies
Physical Education-Initial
Physical Education-Advanced
Special Education
Sport Administration
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages/Bilingual Education