Student Forms 

  • Step 1: Release and Indemnification Form  
    **Fill Out Immediately**
    Please complete and submit the liability waiver online before beginning your service. You cannot serve without a completed liability waiver.

  • Step 2Let us know where you are serving! 
    Please fill out this online form so that we will know where you plan to complete your service requirement.

  • Step 3: Time Sheet and Performance Evaluation (PLEASE PRINT)
    Print and bring the timesheet with you, or leave at your site, to record your hours and have your site supervisor sign your time sheet when you have fulfilled your hour requirement. The performance evaluation is on the back of the timesheet. Please have your site supervisor fill this out after you have completed your service hour requirement and give both forms to your professor.
  • Step 4: Student Evaluation
    This evaluation is for you to describe and rate your service-learning experience at Canisius College. Fill this form out online at the end of your service so that the Center for Service-Learning will be able to assess your experience.