Community Based Learning

Community Based Learning


Student Forms

STOP! Have you selected a service site? Before you can complete the following forms you must have chosen a site and reached out to the site to make sure that they can accommodate you. Review the list of service sites here.

If you are in multiple Service-Learning courses you must fill out one form per class.

  • Step 1: Liability Waiver Online Link
    **Fill Out Immediately**
    Please complete and submit the liability waiver online before beginning your service. You cannot serve without a completed liability waiver. If the online version is not functioning please use the printable version, print, complete, and return to your professor. 

  • Step 2: Site Verification Form (PLEASE PRINT)
    This form acts as a contract between you and your service site. Print and take it with you when you initially meet with your site supervisor and agree on the date you will begin serving. Fill it out, have your supervisor sign it, and give it to your professor.

  • Step 3: Time Sheet (PLEASE PRINT)
    Print and bring this with you each time you serve to record your hours and have your site supervisor sign your time sheet. Turn it into your professor when you have fulfilled your hour requirement.

  • Step 4: Performance Evaluation (Attached to Time Sheet)
    Have your site supervisor fill this out towards the end of the semester. Give the performance evaluation to your professor when your hours are completed.
  • Step 4: Student Evaluation
    This evaluation is for you to describe and rate your community-based learning experiences at Canisius College. Fill this form out online at the end of your service so that the Center for Community-Based Learning will be able to assess your experience.

Faculty Forms

  • Step 1: Professor Agreement 
    This agreement declares your intent to incorporate Service-Learning into your classes and establishes clear expectations. Fill out one agreement for each Service-Learning course you are teaching.

  • Step 2: Professor CBL Evaluation 
    At the end of the semester please fill out this survey to evaluate the office and submit your opinions about Service-Learning.