New Program Committee (NPC)

The Canisius College New Program Committee (NPC) is an advisory committee to the Academic Program Board (APB) and VPAA.  The committee membership is composed of faculty and staff who represent all schools and offices that play a vital role in the success of new academic programs at Canisius College.

The NPC has a twofold function:

  1. to help individuals develop complete proposals for new certificate and degree programs, and 
  2. to evaluate those proposals and offer recommendations to the APB and the VPAA.

Completed proposals are evaluated on the basis of several specific criteria, including why the program would fulfill an intellectual need; how it would advance the mission of the College; how financially feasible the program would be; what resources in staff, classrooms, and technology it would require; how it would be assessed; what effects it would have on existing programs and courses; and how it would compare with similar programs at competitor institutions.  Especially important will be how the new program would add to the variety of educational and career paths open to Canisius students.  

To help you through the process, please download the information in the provided links.  You may submit a concept paper or a proposal at any time of the year, but the NPC must receive a complete proposal by October 30 at the latest if the program is to be implemented the following academic year.

The NPC encourages all members of the Canisius College community and beyond to consider submitting ideas even if you don't see yourself as the driver of the program.  If the idea is compelling, the NPC will work to identify qualified internal or external drivers who may be willing to take the leadership role.

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