Learning Goals Associated with Business Courses

Courses in the Wehle School of Business are designed to help students achieve a number of different outcomes.  These outcomes are expressed as learning goals and objectives.  As a result of the way the curriculum is structured at Canisius, the learning goals and objectives associated with a course can come from different sources:

College Level Learning Goals: 

These learning goals are related to the College’s core curriculum.  If a course satisfies core curriculum requirements, it will have College Level Learning Goals.

Program Level Learning Goals: 

These learning goals are related to the Wehle Business School’s core curriculum, often times referred to simply as the business core.  If a course satisfies requirements of the business core, it will have one or more Program level learning goals. These programs include BS/BA Business, Evening MBA, One Year MBA, MBAA (Professional Accounting), and MFA (Master of Forensic Accounting) learning goals. 

Major Level Learning Goals: 

These learning goals are related to a student’s major.  If a course satisfies requirements in one of the business majors, it will have one or more Major level learning goals. Links to all majors are listed below.

Course Level Learning Goals: 

These are learning goals developed by the instructor and specific to a particular course and instructor.  It is possible for the same course, taught by different instructors, to have different Course level learning goals.  Course level learning goals are described in the course syllabus.

Use the links below to learn about College, Program and Major level learning goals associated with a particular course.  Select the discipline the course belongs to and you will be taken to a page with detailed information about each course.  For instance, if you want to explore the learning goals associated with ECO101 – Principles of Macroeconomics, you would click on the Economics link below.


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