Important changes to Canisius Initial Teacher Certification Programs

The purpose of this update is to share information about changes to initial teacher certification programs at Canisius College made to accommodate changes in New York State initial teacher certification requirements.

Candidates applying for initial certification in New York State (NYS) on or after May 1, 2014 will be required to complete new certification requirements including the edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) which is a multiple measure assessment of teaching.  It includes a review of a teacher candidate’s authentic teaching materials as the culmination of a teaching and learning process that documents and demonstrates each candidates ability to effectively teach his/her subject matter to all students.  Materials assessed as part of the edTPA process include video clips of instruction, lesson plans, student work samples, analysis of student learning, and reflective commentaries.

Success on the edTPA will require significant, scaffolded, school-based learning experiences. We have redesigned our programs to ensure that the sequencing and placement of those experiences provide the most effective learning opportunities for our candidates.

Consequently, the adolescence education program (grades 7-12) will not offer a start date during the summer term (May-July).  The adolescence education program will offer start dates in the Fall (late August) and Spring (mid-January) semesters. 

The childhood education program (grades 1-6) has been redesigned as a cohort program.  Candidates will not be able to start the program in the summer (May-July).  Candidates may start in the spring (mid-January) or fall (late August).  In order to provide the quality of practical experience needed in an elementary classroom to pass the edTPA, the childhood education program will no longer offer classes on Friday-Saturday.

The K-12 initial certification physical education program encourages candidates to start the program in spring (mid-January) or fall (late August).  Candidates wishing to start in summer term (May-July) will only be able to take one graduate course as the majority of the program will only be offered in the fall and spring semesters.  The physical education program will consist of a minimum of two semesters of master’s coursework (fall and spring) and one semester of student teaching (fall or spring).

If you have questions about the edTPA or would like more information, please contact us at 716-888-2545 (local) or toll-free at 1-800-950-2505.