Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Core Goals and Objectives

The Core Curriculum strives to be a transformative experience in the lives of Canisius students.  The Core develops a foundation of knowledge and skills that are the hallmarks of a Jesuit education and essential to global citizenship in the 21st century. The goals of the Core are:

Cogent Writing

  • To develop basic and advanced skills in analyzing and representing ideas through strong written prose.

Information Literacy

  • To develop basic skills in finding, processing, and using information in a variety of forms.
  • Understanding the Catholic Jesuit Tradition
  • To develop understanding of the nature and influence of the Catholic Jesuit tradition.

Breadth of Knowledge

  • To encourage students to reflect about their inner lives, to consider how attention to the life of the mind bears upon reality, to discern the human relationship to the natural world and to social institutions through a broad experience of the liberal arts. The core’s seven fields of study and their goals are as follows:

Field 1 Religious Studies and Theology

To gain a clearer understanding of the role which religion plays in human life through a careful and systematic examination of religious ideas, institutions, values, or patterns of belief and practice.

Field 2 Philosophy

To understand, articulate, and evaluate the values, principles, and assumptions on which individual and social decisions rest.

Field 3 Arts

To understand the aesthetic dimension of creative work in the fine arts and/or literature and to articulate how that creative work mirrors and shapes human experience.

Field 4 History

To understand how historians use evidence to study the recorded past, to situate events, artifacts, and experiences in their historical context, and to analyze the process of change over time.

Field 5 Social Sciences

To explain, interpret, and critically analyze human behavior and social structures from the perspective of the social science through which the course is offered.

Field 6 Natural Sciences

To explain, interpret, and critically analyze the natural world using the scientific method from the perspective of the natural science through which the course is offered.

Field 7 Mathematical Sciences

To reason quantitatively, abstractly, or computationally about the world using the symbol systems rooted in quantitative measures, logical analysis, and/or algorithms to solve practical problems.

  • To develop an understanding of the multicultural character of the United States. Focus will be upon attentiveness to cultural differences within the United States in many areas of human life.
  • To develop an understanding of personal action, the good in terms of human agency, happiness, and living a worthwhile life. Focus will be upon moral issues, living well, and the frameworks that make living well intelligible, both personally and professionally.
Global Awareness
  • To develop an understanding of geographic regions other than the United States. Focus will be upon the histories, cultures, and/or political systems of countries across the globe.
  • To develop an understanding of the nature of justice, including the tension between justice and power, as well as the causes of injustice. Focus will be upon the promotion of justice.
Effective Oral Communication
  • To enhance the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately in a range of contexts, practicing skills at both sending and receiving messages.
Public Service
  • To develop a sense of the value of public service and leadership.