Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Current Membership

Below are listed the current members of the Committee for the Core Curriculum (CCC), including their departmental and division affiliations and their terms of office (when elected or appointed):

Metod Alif

(Mathematics/Sciences) 2009-2012

Barbara Burns

(Adolescence/Education) 2007-2010

Jack D'Amico

(English/Humanities) 2008-2011

Emma Fabian

(Student Representative) 2007-present

Michael Forest

(Philosophy/EPC Chair) 2009-2010

Steve Molloy

(Marketing/Business Dean Designate) 2008-present

Julie Henry

(Teacher Education/Education Dean Designate) 2007-present

Debra Instone

(Associate Dean/A&S Dean Designate) 2007-present

Kristine Kasbohm

(Library Designate) 2007-present

Jonathan Lawrence

(Religious Studies and Theology) Director of the Core Curriculum and Chair of the Committee for the Core Curriculum, 2009-2012

Tanya Loughead

(Philosophy/At-large) 2009-2012

Philip Pfaff

(Economics/Business) 2007-2010

Nancy Rosenbloom

(History/Humanities) 2008-2011

Melissa Wanzer

(Communication Studies/Social Science) 2009-2012

(A second student representative seat remains unfilled)