Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Senate Approved Core Curriculum

Through a process that began in 2002, the faculty of Canisius College dedicated itself to the creation of the Core Curriculum that both expresses the spirit of Ignatian education and  meets  the needs of students preparing themselves for the realities of work and service in the 21st Century.

In March 2007, that process culminated in a Core Curriculum approved by the Senate. The Vice President for Academic Affairs approved the new Core Curriculum the following month and charged the Committee for the Core Curriculum to implement it.

The following groups contributed to the efforts that created the new Core:

  • The Core Curriculum Task Force
  • Faculty Senates and Educational Policy Committees 2003-2005, 2005-2007, 2007-present
  • Committee for the Core Curriculum (under various names) 2003-present
  • All the faculty willing to voice their opinions of the current Core, of drafts of possible cores, and of the new Core

This new Core Curriculum went into effect for all students in Fall 2009. View the approved Senate document.