Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Writing in the Core Curriculum

Writing is a hallmark of academic course work, and we expect students to learn to write well. We share a common assumption that strong writing demonstrates a student's awareness of and control over the rhetorical situation of assignments. While we as a faculty expect strong writing from students, employers will too, and we serve our students well by holding them to high standards of achievement.

Most courses will include some writing assignments, and these assignments contribute to students' learning in particular academic fields as well as enhance their writing skills. While students should expect to write in most if not all courses, the college ensures as well that all students receive specific instruction for developing the strong writing skills that are necessary for success both during and after the formal process of education.  Specifically, students will receive writing instruction in the following required courses:

FYS 101 First Year Seminar: Special Topics

ENG 101 Writing about Literature

Designated 200- and 300-level courses (students choose at least one)

By the time students take a Core Capstone (students choose one) in the junior or senior year, faculty can expect them to demonstrate writing proficiency. View a document that describes more fully the expectations for writing and writing instructions, including examples of assignments.