Core Goals and Objectives

The Core Curriculum strives to be a transformative experience in the lives of Canisius students. The Core develops a foundation of knowledge and skills that are the hallmarks of a Jesuit education and essential to global citizenship in the 21st century.

Through completion of the core curriculum, students at Canisius will be able, among other goals, to:
Demonstrate a basic understanding of the influence of the Jesuit and Catholic tradition (primarily through courses in philosophy and religious studies and theology)
Demonstrate breadth of knowledge in the subjects traditionally defined as the liberal arts (through Fields of Knowledge)
Demonstrate awareness and understanding of a need for just and ethical action in the world (through “Justice” and “Ethics” requirements)
Demonstrate awareness and understanding of the value and challenge of cultural and global difference (through “Diversity” and “Global Awareness” requirements)
Demonstrate basic skills in writing and oral communication (through FYS 101 and ENG 101, and writing intensive and oral communication attributes)
Demonstrate basic skills in finding, processing, and using information in a variety of forms (through Foundation Courses)
Demonstrate basic skills in analyzing and representing ideas (through Foundation Courses)