Knowledge & Skills Attribute Courses

Some courses across the curriculum are designated as Core Knowledge and Skill courses. These courses may fulfill Breadth of Knowledge, major, minor, or elective requirements as well. Courses will be designated in Banner as they are approved by the Committee for the Core Curriculum. Consult "Requirements and Equivalents" if you are unsure about whether you must fulfill these requirements. 

The Core Curriculum provides six requirements which address matters central to the Catholic Jesuit tradition of education and necessary for preparing students for the modern world. Students are required to take courses with all six designations. Any course may carry the Cross-Disciplinary Knowledge or Skill designations as long as the course has a significant component on the specific subjects.  Designated courses may also satisfy Field and major requirements, as well as elective credit.

Attributes are divided into two categories: Knowledge (Justice, Ethics, Diversity, Global Awareness) and Skills (Advanced Writing-intensive, Oral Communication). All of these goals are understood to manifest themselves differently in the many types of intellectual engagement specific to disciplines.

Any course may be designed with an attribute as long as the course has a significant component on the specific Core goal.  "A significant component" is defined as either a substantial portion of the course materials or a component of the course materials, no matter of what magnitude, that guides students' understanding of all other materials. Courses with either contemporary or historical frames of reference will be considered for Attributes designation. Attribute designations may appear on courses which students take in fulfillment of Core requirements, major requirements, and free electives.