Advanced Writing-Intensive Attribute

Designated courses at the 200-level or above with significant emphasis on using writing as a way to learn and that are designed to develop basic and advanced skills in analyzing and representing ideas through strong written prose.

Courses designated as Writing-Intensive may have more learning objectives in addition to those associated with the Core.

Goals & Objectives


Goal: Students will demonstrate the ability to write an effectively developed logical argument.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Integrate appropriate ideas and evidence, in accordance with course content
  • Organize those ideas and that evidence strategically for a given audience and purpose

Goal: Students will demonstrate an understanding of appropriate or discipline-specific writing styles, standards, and conventions through a process that includes revision.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Write grammatically correct sentences that are fluid and include smooth transitions.
  • Use vocabulary that is appropriate for the purpose and audience/field
  • Employ correct punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and documentation conventions
  • Use appropriate citation and attribution of ideas, information, and evidence

Approved Courses

ABEC 332 Animal Welfare
ABEC 340 Research Methods in Animal Behavior
ABEC 360 Research Methods in Animal Behavior
ANT 350 Business Anthropology
ANT 355 Sociolinguistics
BCH-403L Molecular Biology Laboratory
BIF 400 Bioinformatics Capstone
BIO 312 Primatology
BCH 302L Cellular Biochemistry Lab
CHM 301L Classical Physical Chemistry Laboratory
CLS 301 Age of Cicero
COM 203 Writing for the Public Media
ECCH 221 Literacy I
EDU 415 Grammar and Language Study for Teachers
EDS 223 Foundations of Literacy
ENG 202 Drama
ENG 205 Varieties of the Essay
ENG 208 Novel
ENG 218 Literature & Medicine
ENG 219 Literature & Psychology
ENG 221 Hallowed Houses
ENG 222 Vampires in Literature & Culture
ENG 223 Images of Women in Literature and Film
ENG 224 Journey in World Literature
ENG 225 Journey in American Literature
ENG 230 The Bible as Literature
ENG 233 The Quest in Medieval Literature
ENG 285 Writing & Animal Studies
ENG 294 Intro to Creative Writing
ENG 383 Research Writing
ENG 385 Persuasive Writing
ENG 389 Business Communication
ENG 391 Advanced Fiction Writing
ENG 401 Texts, Contexts, & Subtexts
ENG 402 Creativity & Composition Theory
ENG 411 Playwriting
ENG 426 Advanced Playwriting (says “Playwriting” on sheet list)
ENG 494 Advanced Creative Writing
FAH 350 Topics in Modernism
HIS 299 Historian’s Craft: Stalinism and Nazism
HIS 302 Life in Colonial Atlantic
HIS 366 Stalinism & Nazism
HIS 411 History Honors Thesis
PED 372 Seminar in Teaching PE/Health (says “Seminar in Kinesiology” on sheet list)
PHY 350 Advanced Physics Laboratory
PSC 370 Domestic Conflicts & Peace
PSC 242 International Organizations
RST 341 Catholic Social Ethics: Theological Perspectives