Diversity Attribute

Designated courses that enable students to develop an understanding of the multicultural character of the United States by giving attention to the cultural differences within the United States in many areas of society.

Courses designated as Diversity may have more learning objectives in addition to those associated with the Core.

Goals & Objectives


Goal:  Student will demonstrate an understanding of the diverse and multicultural character of the United States with regard to variables such as social class, race, gender, ethnicity or religion.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Identify variables that constitute a diverse and multicultural United States.
  • Recognize the impact of the variables on the American experience.
  • Articulate the interplay of these variables on the American experience.

Goal:  Students will analyze the diverse and multicultural American experience.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Examine how variables are socially constructed.
  • Distinguish how the power structure in America affects diverse groups.
  • Compare and contrast the varied experiences of individuals within American society.

Approved Courses

ENG 221 Hallowed Houses
ENG 225 Journey in American Literature
ENG 315 American Literature I
ENG 339 Southern Literature and Culture
ENG 368 Native American Literature
ENG 378 City in American Literature
ENG 382 African American Literature
FAH 103 Survey Pre-Colum/Native Am Art
FAM 124 America’s Music
FAM 213 Women in Music
HIS 123 US History to Reconstruction
HIS 124 US History 1877 to Present
HIS 125 The American Story: The Early Years
HIS 126 The American Story: The Later Years
HIS 235 Jamestown/Yorktown: Making US
HIS 236 Washington- Lincoln: American Democracy
HIS 237 The Making of Modern America, 1865-1920
HIS 241 Women in American History 1880 to Present
HIS 242 The Family in American History
HIS 254 First Peoples
HIS 468 Reservation Experience I
PED 354 Adapted Physical Education
PED 355 Disability Sports
RST 221 Native American Religions
RST 240 Jewish Religious Thought and Practice
SOC 111 Social Problems
SPE 341 Inclusive Strategies
SPE 432 Seminar in Teaching & Assessment: Special Ed/Childhood
SPE 433 Seminar in Teaching & Assessment: Special Ed/Early Child