Ethics Attribute

Designated courses that enable students to develop an understanding of personal action, the good in terms of human agency, happiness, and living a worthwhile life.

Courses designated as Ethics may have more learning objectives in addition to those associated with the Core.

Goals & Objectives


Goal: Students will demonstrate an understanding of ethical criteria and principles necessary for moral evaluation and their practical application.

Objectives:  Students will:

  • Identify and articulate the fundamental elements of at least two major ethical theories.
  • Recognize the connection between ethical theory and behavior
  • Identify and understand the core assumptions that lie at the heart of ethical behavior

Goal:  Students will demonstrate the ability to employ ethical reasoning in matters of human concern.

Objectives:  Students will:

  • Critically evaluate how conceptions of moral obligation contribute to living a worthwhile life
  • Apply ethical theories in analyzing ethical dilemmas and questions
  • Defend an ethical position while displaying an awareness of opposing ethical arguments

Approved Courses

BIF 101 Intro to Bioinformatics
CLS 207 Mythology & Literature
CLS 214 Greek and Roman Tragedy
CRJ 382 Criminal Justice Ethics
COM 351 Media Ethics
CSC 108 Introduction to Web Computing
CSC 109 A Robotics Introduction to Computer Science
HIS 348 20th Century Marxism
HIS 387 Represent of Holocaust Film, Literature, Art and Music
PHI 241 Ethics: Traditions in Moral Reasoning
PHI 242 Ethical Issues in Business
PHI 243 Bio-Medical Ethics
PHI 244 Environmental Ethics
PHI 245 Animal Ethics
PHI 246 Ethics of Technology
PHI 247 Food and Agricultural Ethics
PHI 251 Love, Friendship, and the Moral Life
PHI 252 Happiness, Virtue, and the Good Life
PHI 266 Philosophy of the Family
PHI 268 Catholic and Jewish Bioethics
PHI 379 Contemporary Women Philosophers
RST 242 Introduction to a Spirituality of Business
RST 340 Moral Issues Today
RST 342 Theological Ethics and Environmental Justice
RST 345 Bio-Moral Problems
SPMT 302 Ethics & Sport