Global Awareness Designation

Designated courses that enable students to develop an understanding of geographical regions other than the United States with a focus on their history, culture, and/or political systems.

Courses designated as Global Awareness may have more learning objectives in addition to those associated with the Core.

Goals & Objectives


Goal: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the history, culture, and/or political systems of societies, states, and peoples other than the United States.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Identify and describe the history, social structures, political institutions, and/or patterns of cultural expression that characterize specific societies, states, and peoples outside the United States.
  • Identify the various factors that have contributed to the history and development of social structures, political institutions, and patterns of cultural expression that characterize specific societies, states, peoples, and cultures outside the United States.

Goal: Students will demonstrate how their knowledge of geographical regions other than the United States fosters greater awareness of the world in which the students live.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Critically analyze how the history, culture, and/or political systems of geographical regions other than the United States inform the way people outside the United States view themselves.
  • Critically analyze and reflect on how their knowledge of the history, culture, and/or political systems of geographical regions other than the United States inform the way in which the students understand their relationship to the world.

Approved Courses

ANT 230   
BIO 117  
CLS 103   
CLS 104  
CLS 205   
CLS 206    
CLS 308
CLS 309
CLS 311   
ECO 460   
ENG 224 
ENG 381  
ENT 310   
FAH 101   
FAH 102   
FAH 107   
FAH 109   
FAH 110   
FAH 159
FAH 210    
FAH 224  
FAH 245   
FAH 248
FAH 261 
FAH 262 
FAH 265
FAH 266  
FAM 119   
FAM 123
FAM 212   
FAM 216
FAM 217   
FAM 218   
FAM 219   
FAM 224   
FRC 115  
FRC 116  
FRC 333  
FRC 334  
FRC 337  
FRC 339  
FRC 341  
FRC 342  
FRC 350   
FRC 451
FRC 453   
HIS 106  
HIS 107  
HIS 108  
HIS 109  
HIS 110 
HIS 131  
HIS 132
HIS 213
HIS 226
HIS 227
HIS 230
HIS 260
HIS 263
HIS 280
MAT 121
MGT 440
MKT 475
PED 203
PED 204
PHI 262
PHI 317
PHI 397
PHY 131
PSC 140
PSC 150
PSC 241
PSC 242
PSC 345
PSC 355
RST 200
RST 219
RST 220
RST 222
RST 224
RST 228
RST 314
RST 360
SPA 116
SPA 351
SPA 455
SPMT 440

Introduction to Archaeology
Plants and Human Affairs
Greek History
Roman History
Mirror of the Past – Greece
Mirror of the Past – Rome
Pagans and Christians
Greek and Roman Religion
Alexander the Great
International Economics
Journey in World Literature
Postcolonial Literature
International Entrepreneurship Practicum
Cave Paintings/Colosseum/Cathedrals
Asian & African Art
History of Architecture
History of Photography
Women and Art
Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern Art
Medieval Art
Renaissance Art
Baroque Art
Monet and the Age of Impressionism
Modern Art
Contemporary Art
Modern Architecture
Masterpieces of Music
World Music
Canisius College and the BPO Experience
Medieval and Renaissance Music
Music of the Baroque Period
Music of the Classical Period
19th Century Music
Afro-Centric Music
Advanced Introductory French I
Advanced Introductory French II
Survey of French / Francophone Lit I
Survey of French / Francophone Lit II
Francophone History and Culture Thru Film
French History through Film
Advanced French for Business I – Cross-cultural
Advanced French for Business II – Simulation
Following the French in North America
War and Memory - Impact of WW II
War and Memory
Medieval World
Modern Europe to 1815
History of Modern Europe since 1815
History of Asia to 1800
History of Asia Since 1800
History of Latin America to 1830
History of Latin America since 1830
Twentieth-Century Europe
History of Ireland
The Irish Story
The Holocaust in Historical Perspective
Canada and the World
Wars in Latin America
Making of Modern Africa
Mathematics Throughout History
Global Supply Chain Management
International Marketing
Net/Target and Fitness Activities
Invasion Games
Philosophy of International Law
Chinese Philosophy
Philosophy and Film
Earthquakes: Seismology and Society
Intro to International Relations
Comparative Government and Politics
Globalization and Human Rights
International Organizations
International Crime After 9/11
European Union
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
Eastern Orthodox Christianity
Intro to Eastern Religions
African Religions
Islam Tradition and Revival
Introduction to Mahayana Buddhism
New Testament in Literature and Art
Magic, Science, and Religion
Advanced Introductory Spanish
Junior Spanish Seminar/Topics
Postmodern Hispanic Literature
Global Perspectives on Sport