Justice Attribute

Designated courses that enable students to develop an understanding of the nature of justice, including the tension between justice and power, as well as the causes of injustice. The focus will be upon the promotion of justice.

Courses designated as Justice may have more learning objectives in addition to those associated with the Core.

Goals & Objectives


Goal: Students will demonstrate an understanding of justice, its relationship to power, and the ways in which causes of injustice may be mitigated and justice promoted.

Students will:

  • (1A) Compare and contrast differing theories of justice, including the ways in which justice has been defined and conceived.
  • (1B) Describe the factors that are responsible for injustice with particular emphasis upon the relationship of injustice to inequities in the distribution of power.
  • (1C) Describe the ways in which the factors responsible for injustice might be mitigated in the cause of justice.

Goal: Students will think critically about the factors that create, permit, and/or mitigate the conditions of justice or injustice.

Students will:

  • (2A) Identify how the distribution of power is embedded in institutions, social structures, and/or codes of conduct.
  • (2B) Critically analyze theories, policies, and practices in so far as they promote either justice or injustice.
  • (2C) Demonstrate how the conditions of injustice might be mitigated by specific forms of action.

Approved Courses*

ABEC 330 Animals, Public Policy, and the Law
CLS 300 Roman Law and Society
CRJ 280 Language for Legal Professions
CRJ 320 Criminology
EDU 250 Foundations of Education
HIS 201 American Military Institutions
HIS 347 History of Marxism
HIS 382 History of New York State
ISGR 300 Immersion East Side Ignatian Seminar
IGSR 302 Jesuits in Argentina
ISGR 306 Religion and Culture in the Philippines
ISB 302 Sustainability and System Dynamics
MAT 150 Math and Politics
PHI 240 Justice
PHI 261 Philosophy of Law
PHI 267 Catholic Social Thought
PHI 271 Human Rights Philosophy
PHI 272 Gender and Philosophy
PHI 273 Race and Philosophy
PHI 274 Social and Political Philosophy
PHI 305 Contemporary Continental Philosophy
PSC 111 Western Political Tradition II
PSC 320 American Constitutional Law I
PSC 321 American Constitutional Law II
RST 234 Christians (En)Countering Injustice
RST 235 Religion & Politics
RST 341 Catholic Social Ethics
RST 353 Seven Signs of Love
SOC 273 Social Movements and Social Change

*Course offerings subject to change. Courses shown above may not be offered regularly.