Oral Communication Attribute

Designated courses that enable students to develop abilities to communicate effectively and appropriately in a range of oral contexts, including face-to-face, through practicing their skills at both sending and receiving messages.

Courses designated as Oral Communication may have more learning objectives in addition to those associated with the Core.

Goals & Objectives


Goal: Students will compose a message and provide ideas and information appropriate to its topic, audience, setting, and purpose.

Students will:

  • (1A) Identify the components of effective oral communication of an idea with an argument or thesis supported by evidence. 
  • (1B) Demonstrate the knowledge of how to select appropriate material that will be understood by the audience.
  • (1C) Apply organizational and explanatory strategies suitable to the topic, audience, setting and purpose of the message that is being delivered.

Goal: Students will demonstrate the ability to deliver effective oral presentations.

Students will:

  • (2A) Speak clearly and employ a rich and imaginative vocabulary with diction and pronunciation appropriate to the context.
  • (2B) Present fluently, maintain eye contact with the audience, and use gestures appropriate to the context.
  • (2C) Define the thesis and/or purpose of the message, use smooth transitions from one section to the next, and end with a clear and direct conclusion.
  • (2D) Demonstrate the effective and judicious use of detail and evidence in substantiating and/or illuminating the presentation’s central thesis.

Approved Courses*

BIO 353 Biology Seminar II
CHM 481 Communicating Research Lit
CLS 214 Greek and Roman Tragedy
CLS 300 Roman Law and Society
CLS 309 Greek and Roman Religion
COM 201 Oral Communication
COM 319 Training & Development
CSC 127 Introduction to Game Design
CSC 395 Software Engineering
EDE 432 Seminar in Teaching & Assessment: Childhood
EDS 432-436 Applied Methods in Content Area
EDY 433 Seminar in Teaching & Assessment: Early Childhood
ENG 147 Acting I
ENG 148 Acting II
ENG 350 The Theater Experience
ESL 118 The Art of Oral Presentations
FAH 210 Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Art
FAH 213 Greek & Roman Art
FAH 450 Senior Seminar
FAM 212 Canisius College and the BPO Experience
FAM 450 Senior Seminar
FRC 323 Topics in Conversation I
FRC 324 Topics in Conversation II
GER 323 The American Story: The Early Years
GER 324 Topics in Conversation II
HIS 126 The American Story: The Later Years
HIS 331 British Monarchy
MLS 201 Foundations of Leadership
MLS 401 Advanced Leadership Studies
MLS 402 Advanced Leadership Studies
PED 441 Teaching Methods of Physical Education
PHY 351 Advanced Physics Laboratory II
PSC 224 Congress and the Legislative Process
PSC 355 European Union
RST 235 Religion & Politics
RST 328A Jesuits, History, Spirituality, Culture
RST 342 Theological Ethics & Environmental Justice
SPA 323 Topics in Conversation I
SPA 324 Topics in Conversation II
SPE 432 Seminar in Teaching, Assessment: Special Ed/Childhood
SPE 433 Seminar in Teaching, Assessment: Special Ed/Early Child
SPMT 430 Capstone in Kinesiology

*Course offerings subject to change. Courses shown above may not be offered regularly.