Oral Communication Designation

Designated courses that enable students to develop abilities to communicate effectively and appropriately in a range of oral contexts, including face-to-face, through practicing their skills at both sending and receiving messages.

Courses designated as Oral Communication may have more learning objectives in addition to those associated with the Core.

Goals & Objectives


Goal: Students will compose a message and provide ideas and information appropriate to its topic, audience, setting, and purpose.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Identify the components of effective oral communication of an idea with an argument or thesis supported by evidence. 
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of how to select appropriate material that will be understood by the audience.
  • Apply organizational and explanatory strategies suitable to the topic, audience, setting and purpose of the message that is being delivered.

Goal: Students will demonstrate the ability to deliver effective oral presentations.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Speak clearly and employ a rich and imaginative vocabulary with diction and pronunciation appropriate to the context.
  • Present fluently, maintain eye contact with the audience, and use gestures appropriate to the context.
  • Define the thesis and/or purpose of the message, use smooth transitions from one section to the next, and end with a clear and direct conclusion.
  • Demonstrate the effective and judicious use of detail and evidence in substantiating and/or illuminating the presentation’s central thesis.

Approved Courses

BIO 353 Biology Seminar II
CHM 481 Communicating Research Lit
CLS 214 Greek & Roman Tragedy
CLS 300 Roman Law & Society
CLS 309 Greek & Roman Religion
COM 201 Oral Communication
COM 319 Training & Development
COM 383 Conflict Strategy & Tactics
CRJ 280 Language for Legal Professions
CSC 127 Introduction to Game Design
CSC 395 Software Engineering
EDE 432 Seminar in Teaching & Assessment: Childhood
EDS 432-436 Applied Methods in Content Area
EDY 433 Seminar in Teaching & Assessment: Early Childhood
ENG 147 Acting I
ENG 148 Acting II
ENG 350 The Theatre Experience
ENT 101 Experiential Entrepreneurship: Creativity
ENT 310 International Entrepreneurship Practicum
ESL 119 The Art of Oral Presentations
FAH 213 Greek & Roman Art
FAH 450 Senior Seminar
FAM 212 Canisius College & the BPO Experience
FAM 450 Senior Seminar
FRC 323 Topics in Conversation I
FRC 324 Topics in Conversation II
GER 323 The American Story: The Early Years
GER 324 Topics in Conversation II
HIS 125 The American Story: The Early Years
HIS 126 The American Story: The Later Years
HIS 227 The Irish Story
HIS 331 British Monarchy
HIS 393 Topics in Oral History: Voices of American Women
MAT380/381/480 Mathematics Seminar I, II, III
MLS 201/211L Self/Team Development/Leadership Lab
MLS 401/411L Advanced Leadership Studies/Leadership Lab
MLS 402/412L Advanced Leadership Studies/Leadership and Lab
PED 441 Teaching Methods of Physical Education
PHY 351 Advanced Physics Laboratory II
PSC 224 Congress & the Legislative Process
PSC 355 European Union
RST 235 Religion & Politics
RST 328A Jesuits, History, Spirituality, Culture
RST 342 Theological Ethics & Environmental Justice
SPA 323 Topics in Conversation I
SPA 324 Topics in Conversation II
SPE 432 Seminar in Teaching, Assessment: Special Ed/Childhood
SPE 433 Seminar in Teaching, Assessment: Special Ed/Early Child