Approved Core Capstones

ABEC 319  Anthrozoology

ABEC 404  Wildlife, Ecology, and Conservation in South Africa

BIO 477    Plants and Society

CHM 482   Contemporary Chemical Technological Issues

CLG 400    Humanitas (Greek)

CLL 400    Humanitas (Latin)

COM 493   Video Institute III

COM 494   Video Institute IV

CSC 320    Socially Conscious iOS App Development (requires lab)

DMA 399    Social Documentary

DMA 493    Video Institute III

DMA 494    Video Institute IV

ECCH494   Capstone Seminar for Teachers

EDE 494     Captstone Seminar for Teachers

EDS 494    Capstone Seminar for Teachers

EDY 494    Capstone Seminar for Teachers

ENG 365A   Dante’ Inferno and Purgatorio

ENG 365B   Memoir:  Individual and Culture

ENG 365C   Culture and Conflict:  Re-Interpreting World War I

ENG 365D  Post-Colonial Literatures

FAH 480   Art, Beauty and Terror in the 20th Century

FAM 390   Sounding Society

HIS 412    Honors Colloquium:  History, Memory, Commemoration

HIS 421    Nature and Art, Angling, Rest, Contemplation

HIS 450    America and the Holocaust

HIS 460    The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt

HIS 470    American Women in History and Literature

HIS 487     Representations of the Holocaust in Film and Literature

HIS 493     American Women in History and Literature

JRN 493     Video Institute III

PED 494     Capstone Seminar for Teachers

PHI 399      Ethics, Justice, and the Problem of Poverty

PSC 442     Seminar in International Relations

PSY 320      Cultural Psychology

PSY 470      Controversial Issues

RST 399A    Christian Marriage

RST 399B    Religious Diversity in Buffalo

RST 399C    Liberation Theologies

RST 399D    Catholic Concept of Conscience

SCI 444       Solution by Design

SOC 450      Community and Diversity

SPE1494      Capstone Seminar for Teachers

SPEB494      Capstone Seminar for Teachers