Field 1: Religious Studies & Theology

Designated courses that enable students to gain a clearer understanding of the role which religion plays in human life through a careful and systematic examination of religious ideas, institutions, values, or patterns of belief and practice.

Goals & Objectives


Goal:  Students will demonstrate knowledge in the disciplines fundamentally concerned with religious studies or theology.

Students will:

  • (1A) Understand the role of religion in the experiences and actions of human life
  • (1B) Understand religious ideas and religious values in their relationship to religious institutions
  • (1C) Understand the diversity of patterns of religious belief in the human experience

Goal:  Students will demonstrate the skills that will enable them to become critical thinkers on questions of religious substance.

Students will:

  • (2A) Demonstrate competence in the use and analysis of primary sources
  • (2B) Demonstrate the ability to understand and explain religious concepts
  • (2C) Demonstrate the ability to relate course subject matter to the human experience

Approved Courses*

CLS 308 Pagans and Christians
CLS 309 Greek and Roman Religion
HIS 302 Sex, Sinners, and Spiders: Jonathan Edwards’ Life in the Colonial Atlantic World
HIS 306 American Religious Experience
ISGR 300 Immersion East Side Ignatian Seminar
IGSR 302 Jesuit Development in Latin America
IGSR 306 Religion and Culture in the Philippines
IGSR 310 Religion, Culture, and the Life of the Dalit in South India
PSY 230 Psychology of Religion
RST 200 Intro to Hebrew Bible
RST 201 Intro to New Testament
RST 219 History of Eastern Orthodox Christianity
RST 220 Intro to Eastern Religions
RST 221 Native American Religions
RST 222 African Religions
RST 224 Islam: Tradition & Revival
RST 229 Religious Perspectives on Animals
RST 230 Catholic Belief Today
RST 231 Intro to Catholic Studies
RST 234 Christians (En)counter Injustice
RST 235 Religion & Politics
RST 236 Theology & European Film
RST 237 Images of Jesus in Film and Art
RST 240 Dev of Jewish Religion Thought & Practice
RST 242 Introduction to a Spirituality of Business
RST 314 New Testament in Literature & Art
RST 325 Early Christianity
RST 327 Modern Global Christianity
RST 340 Moral Issues Today
RST 341 Catholic Social Ethics: Theological Perspectives
RST 342 Theological Ethics and Environmental Justice
RST 343 Religion & Challenge of Science
RST 345 Bio-Moral Problems
RST 353 Seven Signs of Love (Sacramental Theology)
RST 355 The Problem of Suffering
RST 360 Magic, Science & Religion

*Course offerings subject to change. Courses shown above may not be offered regularly.