Field 2: Philosophy

Designated courses that enable students to understand, articulate, and evaluate the values, principles, and assumptions on which individual and social decisions rest.

Goals & Objectives


Goal: Students will demonstrate a deepened knowledge of a principle theme and a major era or core figure in the history of philosophy.

Students will:

  • (1A) Demonstrate knowledge of a major topic or branch in the history of philosophy such as Aesthetics, Epistemology, Ethics, Logic, Metaphysics, and Theories of Justice
  • (1B) Demonstrate knowledge of a major era in the history of philosophy (Ancient, Modern, Medieval, or Contemporary) or a core figure in the history of philosophy

Goal: Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate and assess philosophical ideas and arguments.

Students will:

  • (2A) Use philosophical terms and language appropriately in their prose
  • (2B) Identify and analyze assumptions and premises in philosophical arguments
  • (2C) Construct philosophical arguments and write cogently about philosophy
  • (2D) Demonstrate the ability to relate abstract theory to concrete practice

Approved Courses*

CLG 213-218 Greek Philosophers
CLG 313-318 Readings in Greek Philosophy
CLL 213-218 Roman Philosophers
CLL 313-318 Readings in Roman Philosophy
CLS 312 The Greek Enlightenment
HIS 347 History of Marxism
HIS 348 20th Century Marxism
PHI 211 Philosophy of Religion
PHI 225 Logic
PHI 240 Justice
PHI 241 Ethics: Traditions in Moral Reasoning
PHI 242 Ethical Issues in Business
PHI 243 Bio-Medical Ethics
PHI 244 Environmental Ethics
PHI 245 Animal Ethics
PHI 246 Ethics of Technology
PHI 247 Food and Agricultural Ethics
PHI 251 Love, Friendship & Moral Life
PHI 252 Happiness, Virtue & the Good Life
PHI 261 Philosophy of Law
PHI 267 Catholic Social Thought
PHI 271 Philosophy of Human Rights
PHI 272 Gender & Philosophy
PHI 273 Race & Philosophy
PHI 274 Social & Political Philosophy
PHI 285 African American Philosophy
PHI 291 Philosophy of Art
PHI 292 Philosophy of Beauty
PSC 345 International Crime After 9/11

*Course offerings subject to change. Courses shown above may not be offered regularly.