Field 3: Literature and the Arts

Designated courses that enable students to understand the aesthetic dimension of creative work in the fine arts and/or literature and to understand how that creative work mirrors and shapes human experience.

Goals & Objectives


Goal: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the aesthetic dimension of  human life through the study of literature, art, or music and the ways in which they mirror and shape the human experience.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Identify specific techniques, styles, or formalistic properties of particular examples of literature, art, or music.
  • Identify the relationship of particular examples of literature, art, or music to the traditions from which they have emerged.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how creative work in literature, art, or music mirrors and shapes human experience.

Goal: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the methods of literary and artistic criticism and interpretation.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Critically evaluate the methods of literary and/or artistic criticism and interpretation employed in the study of literature, art, or music.
  • Employ the methods of literary and/or artistic criticism and interpretation in the study of literature, art, or  music.

Approved Courses

CLG 201-206 Greek Literature
CLG 301-306 Readings in Greek Literature
CLL 201-206 Latin Literature
CLL 301-306 Readings in Latin Literature
CLS 205 Mirror of the Past: Greece
CLS 206 Mirror of the Past: Rome
CLS 207 Mythology and Literature
CLS 208 Epic Heroes
CLS 214 Greek and Roman Tragedy
CLS 215 Greek and Roman Comedy
CLS 301 The Age of Cicero
DMA 201 Introduction to Digital Media
DMA 203 Digital Design Concepts
DMA 213 3D Graphics
DMA 309 Music Technology
DMA 310 Digital Audio Production
ENG 147 Acting I
ENG 148 Acting II
ENG 201 Poetry
ENG 202 Drama
ENG 205 Varieties of the Essay
ENG 206 Art of the Essay
ENG 211 Science Fiction
ENG 212 Classic English and American Novel
ENG 213 Word and Image
ENG 221 Hallowed Houses
ENG 222 Vampires in Literature and Culture
ENG 223 Images of Women in Literature and Film
ENG 224 The Journey in Literature
ENG 243 Comedy and Humor
ENG 294 Creative Writing
ENG 312 American Women Poets: Reading and Writing
ENG 313 Literature and Psychology
ENG 320 Contemporary Catholic Fiction
ENG 330 The Bible as Literature
ENG 346 Introduction to Theater
ENG 361 Literature of Service
ENG 364 Short Fiction
ENG 368 Native American Literature
ENG 369 Contemporary Fiction
ENG 371 American Drama
ENG 373 Jane Austen
ENG 376 Film as Literature
ENG 382 African American Literature
ENG 411 Playwriting
FAH 101 Introduction to Art History I
FAH 102 Introduction to Art History II
FAH 103 Pre-Columbian; Native American
FAH 107 Introduction to African & Asian Art
FAH 108 African-American Art in Context
FAH 109 History of Architecture
FAH 110 History of Photography
FAH 159 Women & Art
FAH 210 Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern Art
FAH 213 Greek and Roman Art
FAH 224 Medieval Art
FAH 245 Renaissance Art
FAH 248 Baroque Art
FAH 265 Contemporary Art
FAH 267 Frank Lloyd Wright
FAH 271 Art in Buffalo
FAM 112 The World of Opera
FAM 115 Fundamentals of Music
FAM 119 Masterpieces of Music
FAM 123 World Music
FAM 124 America’s Music
FAM 212 Canisius and the BPO Experience
FAM 213 Women in Music
FAM 214 Music in Film
FAM 216 Medieval and Renaissance
FAM 217 Music of the Baroque Period
FAM 218 Music of the Classical Period
FAM 219 19th Century Music
FAM 220 Art Music from 1900 to the Present
FAM 221 Opera Workshop
FAM 222 Opera Workshop II
FAM 224 Afro-Centric Music
FAM 230/L Music Theory I
FAM 240/L Music Theory II
FAS 110 Two-Dimensional Design
FAS 120 Drawing
FAS 130 Three-Dimensional Design
FAS 131 Sculpture I
FAS 140 Introduction to Still Photography
FAS 141 Digital Photography
FAS 142 Travel Photography
FAS 150 Color
FAS 151 Personal and Political Art
FAS 160 Printmaking I
FAS 161 Experimental Printmaking Techniques
FAS 162 Monotype Techniques
FAS 170 Painting I
FAS 220 Drawing II
FAS 222 A Figure Drawing I
FAS 231 Clay Studio
FAS 240 Color Photography
FAS 241 Intermediate Photography
FAS 260 Printmaking II
FAS 270 Painting II
FAS 271 Landscape Painting
FAS 322 Figure Drawing II
FAS 370 Figure Painting III
FRC 333 Survey of French and Francophone Literature I
FRC 334 Survey of French and Francophone Literature II
FRC 337 French History and Culture Through Film I
FRC 339 French History and Culture Through Film II
FRC 350 Tour de l’Amérique du Nord:  Following the French in North America
FRC 351 Junior French Seminar & Special Topics
FRC 451 French Seminar and Special Topics
FRC 452 Tour de L’Amerique Du Nord
GER 353 German Literature since 1945
GER 451 Nobel Laureates for Literature
GER 472 Contemporary German Film
GER 473 Literature and Film
HIS 387 Representations of the Holocaust in Lit, Film, & Art
SPA 333 Survey of Penisular and Latin American Literature I
SPA 334 Survey of Penisular and Latin American Literature II
SPA 350 Hispanic Short Stories
SPA 351 Junior Seminar and Special Topics
SPA 405 Spanish Literature Myths
SPA 451 Senior Spanish Seminar