Field 4: History

Designated courses that enable students to understand how historians use evidence to study the recorded past, to situate events, artifacts, and experiences in their historical context, and to analyze the process of change over time.

Goals & Objectives


Goal:  Students will demonstrate familiarity with the chronology and major events, themes, and figures related to the specific historical topics they have studied.

Objectives:  Students will:

  • Accurately identify and describe major events, people, and/or artifacts of the past,
  • Situate events, people, and/or artifacts in their appropriate historical context,
  • Demonstrate awareness of change and continuity over time.

Goal:  Students will recognize that historical study rests upon the analysis of evidence.

Objectives:  Students will:

  • Read and interpret evidence from primary sources and texts,
  • Read and understand scholarly historical arguments and identify the primary evidence upon which those arguments are based,
  • Recognize the relationship between cause and effect in the process of historical change.

Approved Courses

CLS 103 Greek History
CLS 104 Roman History
CLL 207-212 Roman Historians
CLL 307-312 Readings in Roman History
CLG 207-212 Greek Historians
CLG 307-312 Readings in Greek History
EVST 259 Environmental History of the United States
HIS 106 The Medieval World
HIS 107 History of Modern Europe to 1815
HIS 108 History of Modern Europe since 1815
HIS 109 History of Asia to 1800
HIS 110 History of Asia since 1800
HIS 123 History of the United States: Colonial Period to Reconstruction
HIS 124 History of the United States: 1877 to the Present
HIS 131 Latin American History to 1830
HIS 132 Latin American History 1830 to the Present
HIS 201 US Military History
HIS 203 Medieval Material Culture
HIS 211 Women in the Western World
HIS 212 Men and Ideas in History
HIS 213 The Twentieth Century
HIS 226 History of Ireland
HIS 228 World war II in Films
HIS 229 The Violent Century in Films
HIS 230 The Holocaust in Historical Perspective
HIS 231 The Holocaust in History and Literature
HIS 235 Jamestown / Yorktown – Making US
HIS 236 Washington to Lincoln: American Democracy
HIS 237 The Making of Modern America, 1865-1920
HIS 240 Women in American History, Colonial Times to 1880
HIS 241 Women in American History, 1880 to the Present
HIS 242 The Family in American History
HIS 243 The City in American History
HIS 250 American Political Campaigns
HIS 251 Sports in American History
HIS 254 First Peoples
HIS 255 African-American History
HIS 260 Canada and the World
HIS 263 Wars of Latin America
HIS 280 The Making of Modern Africa
HIS 468 Reservation Experience I
HIS 469 Reservation Experience II
PSC 110 Western Political Tradition I
PSC 111 Western Political Tradition II