Field 6: Natural Sciences

Designated courses that enable students to explain, interpret, and critically analyze the natural world using the scientific method from the perspective of the natural science through which the courses are offered. 

Goals & Objectives


Goal 1:  Students will demonstrate through explanations, interpretations, and critical analyses their understanding of natural phenomena.

Students will:

  • (1A) Demonstrate valid application of cause and effect reasoning
  • (1B) Describe patterns of scale, proportion and quantity in the natural world
  • (1C) Define natural systems in terms of energy, material components and processes of change

Goal 2:  Students will demonstrate the ability to reason and communicate so that their actions can have positive impacts on society. 

Students will:

  • (2A) Communicate scientific information effectively.
  • (2B) Use qualitative or quantitative data to make rational predictions of natural phenomena.
  • (2C) Apply scientific knowledge to issues impacting society

Approved Courses*

ANT 121 Biological Anthropology
BIO 109 Nutrition
BIO 111 Introductory Biology I
BIO 114 Human Biology: Introductory Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 115 Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 116 Disease: Myth and Reality
BIO 117 Plants and Human Affairs
BIO 120 Biology in the News
BIO 125 Microbes and People
BIO 135 Environmental Biology
BIO 166 Biology of Birds
CHM 104 Energy, Environment, and Society
CHM 105 Chemistry: A Human Perspective
CHM 109 General Chemistry I with Review
CHM 111 General Chemistry I
CHM 112 General Chemistry II
EVST 110 Science of Environmental Problems I
EVST 111 Science of Environmental Problems II
GEO 325 Physical Geography
PHY 129 Introduction to Astronomy
PHY 131 Earthquakes: Seismology and Society
PHY 133 Dinosaurs
PHY 201 General Physics I
PHY 223 General Physics for Physical Science Majors I

*Course offerings subject to change. Courses shown above may not be offered regularly.