Field 7: Mathematical Sciences

Designated courses that enable students to reason quantitatively, abstractly, or computationally about the world using the symbol systems rooted in quantitative measures, logical analysis, and/or algorithms to solve practical problems.

Goals & Objectives


Goal: Students will be conversant with the essential terminology and concepts of a mathematical, statistical or algorithmic system.

Objectives:  Students will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the vocabulary and notation of a mathematical, statistical or algorithmic system.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the theory behind the concepts and techniques of a mathematical, statistical, or algorithmic system.

Goal: Students will have the appropriate skills and techniques used in problem analysis and solution.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Analyze and apply appropriate quantitative, theoretical, and/or computational techniques to solve problems.
  • Interpret the results of their analysis clearly. 

Approved Courses

ATH 398 Statistics and Research Design
CSC 108/L Introduction to Web Computing
CSC 109 /L A Robotics Introduction to Computer Science
CSC 127/L Introduction to Game Design
CSE 121 Physical Computing
ECO 255 Business Statistics I
ECO 256 Business Statistics II
MAT 105 Finite Mathematics
MAT 106 Calculus for the Non-Sciences I
MAT 107 Calculus for the Non-Sciences II
MAT 109 Calculus with Review I
MAT 110 Calculus with Review II
MAT 111 Calculus I
MAT 112 Calculus II
MAT 115 Calculus for Business I
MAT 116 Calculus for Business II
MAT 121 Mathematics through History
MAT 131 Statistics and Computers
MAT 141 Inferential Statistics and Computers for Science
MAT 150 Mathematics and Politics
MAT 181 Symmetry