Field 7: Mathematical Sciences

Designated courses that enable students to reason quantitatively, abstractly, or computationally about the world using the symbol systems rooted in quantitative measures, logical analysis, and/or algorithms to solve practical problems.

Goals & Objectives


Goal: Students will be conversant with the essential terminology and concepts of a mathematical, statistical or algorithmic system.

Objectives:  Students will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the vocabulary and notation of a mathematical, statistical or algorithmic system.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the theory behind the concepts and techniques of a mathematical, statistical, or algorithmic system.

Goal: Students will have the appropriate skills and techniques used in problem analysis and solution.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Analyze and apply appropriate quantitative, theoretical, and/or computational techniques to solve problems.
  • Interpret the results of their analysis clearly. 

Approved Courses

ATH 398 Statistics and Research Design
CSC 108/L Introduction to Web Computing
CSC 109 /L A Robotics Introduction to Computer Science
CSC 127/L Introduction to Game Design
CSE 121 Physical Computing
ECO 255 Business Statistics I
ECO 256 Business Statistics II
MAT 105 Finite Mathematics
MAT 106 Calculus for the Non-Sciences I
MAT 109 Calculus with Review I
MAT 110 Calculus with Review II
MAT 111 Calculus I
MAT 112 Calculus II
MAT 115 Calculus for Business I
MAT 121 Mathematics through History
MAT 131 Statistics and Computers
MAT 141 Inferential Statistics and Computers for Science
MAT 150 Mathematics and Politics
MAT 181 Symmetry