Foundation ENG 101: Writing about Literature

A course that develops strategies for reading and writing about literature (poetry, drama, fiction, literary essays), with the expectation that students will be able to understand and interpret primary literary texts; develop writing skills; and develop and organize interpretive essays through the use and evaluation of sources.

Goals & Objectives


Goal 1:  Students will demonstrate the ability to understand and critically analyze college-level literary texts.

Students will

  • (1A) Understand the use of specific literary terms, traditions, or styles
  • (1B) Interpret the meanings or significance of a literary text


Goal 2:  Students will demonstrate the ability to construct a coherent, thesis-driven essay on a literary topic. 

Students will

  • (2A) Identify and articulate a central thesis around which the essay is to be organized
  • (2B) Develop a coherent argument that supports a central thesis
  • (2C) Support argument with evidence from literary texts and/or secondary sources
  • (2D) Find and evaluate print and electronic sources appropriate for answering a specific research question about a literary text.
  • (2E) Cite sources according to MLA documentation style and with academic integrity
  • (2F) Demonstrate appropriate conventions of grammar and style