Foundation PHI 101: Introduction to Philosophy 

This requirement acknowledges the special place of the study of philosophy in Catholic, Jesuit education. The course provides a thoughtful examination of philosophical issues, with the expectation that students will be able to use logical and critical analysis to understand the claims and arguments proposed by classical and modern philosophers, including some in the Catholic philosophical tradition.

Goals & Objectives


Goal:  Students will demonstrate knowledge of major figures and major themes within the history of philosophy. 

Students will:

  • (1A) Demonstrate knowledge of at leastone major figure from three of the four eras in the history of philosophy: Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and Contemporary
  • (1B) Demonstrate a basic understanding of some of the major themes in the history of philosophy, from four of the following six areas: Aesthetics, Epistemology, Theories of Ethics, Logic, Metaphysics, and Theories of Justice
  • (1C) Demonstrate knowledge of a primary philosophical text from the Catholic tradition or a significant aspect of the Jesuit tradition

Goal:  Students will demonstrate the ability to construct and analyze philosophical arguments.

Students will:

  • (2A) Construct and explain cogent philosophical arguments
  • (2B) Clarify and analyze claims made in philosophical texts