Foundation RST 101: Introduction to Religious Studies

This requirement acknowledges the special place of the study of religion in Catholic, Jesuit education. The course provides an academic introduction to religion, with the expectation that students will understand the nature and role of religion in human life and society, including the Jesuit and Catholic traditions as well as other world religions.

Goals & Objectives


Goal:  Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of the nature and role of religion, including Catholic and Jesuit traditions and other world religions.

Students will:

  • (1A) Demonstrate basic knowledge of Christianity, Judaism & another world religion, as determined by the instructor
  • (1B) Identify and explain the basic meaning of Catholic beliefs
  • (1C) Identify the key religious terms in the Jesuit tradition

Goal:  Students will demonstrate their knowledge of religious studies or theology in comparative and reflective exercises.

Students will:

  • (2A) Identify & analyze connections between different religious beliefs
  • (2B) Find, use and evaluate information relevant to presenting and defending a thesis
  • (2C) Identify and apply the ethical use of academic standards for using sources