Assignment of Credit Hours

One credit hour equates to a 50 minutes of instruction. For fall and spring, classes meet for 15 weeks plus an exam week and the Office of Professional Studies offers two 8-week sessions. In the summer, the schedule varies and classes are generally offered in either a five-week session or six-week session.

There are three standard class meeting times in the fall and spring semesters, all of which result in 150 minutes of instructional time per week. They are: three 50-minute sessions, two 75-minute sessions, and one 150-minute session (generally at the graduate level). Classes offered through the Office of Professional Studies meet in 150-minute sessions two times per week. In the summer sessions, instructional time is scheduled in three 150-minute sessions per week for each of five weeks or in two- 180 minute sessions for six weeks.  

The general expectation is that students should expect to commit at least two hours of time to their academic work for every hour of instructional time.