Online Students FAQ

Are there any advantages with online learning?

It is cost effective; there is no traveling required. It allows you to study and learn at your convenience and your own pace. You can receive information and even obtain a degree while still holding down a full-time job. You can learn any time, any place where there is a computer; there’s 24/7 accessibility. You can prepare for professional certifications, take a single course to help you personally or on the job, or work toward a college degree – all without leaving your home. You can meet other professionals – just like yourself – from literally around the world. You actually have better access to faculty and technical help because you can post questions or seek assistance any time of the day or night – not just during faculty "office hours." There’s no circling the campus looking for student parking.

Would it be possible to take individual courses and not work toward a degree?

Yes it is possible to take individual courses without working towards a compete degree.

How can I get the textbooks and other course materials needed?

Most course materials are included in the online course. The bookstore, however, will stock online course textbooks and ship them to students at a distance.

What type of tests will I have?

Course tests vary depending on the course you are taking. It may include projects, standard testing, hands-on testing, and any other forms of evaluating, understanding and application of the course material.

Do I need to come to campus if I take a course(s)?

No, you do not have to physically come to Canisius to complete an online course(s).

Will I get an advisor, and how can I get in touch with him/her?

Yes, you will get an advisor and you will be able to contact him/her through email or any other form of communication your advisor is comfortable with.

How much time will I be spending on my course work each week?

Time varies with each course, but online courses are run similar to on-campus courses. For a three credit course about 135 hours is required for adequate completion of the course. Online courses can run less time than a traditional 15 week course, but the same amount of material is covered.

How much does it cost to enroll in online classes?

Click here for our tuition and fees. 

Can online students receive financial aid?

Yes, click here for information about financial assistance.

What do I do if I need technical support?

We have a few different options. Click here for information about technical assistance. 

Do I have to go online at a specific day or time for online courses?

Every course is hand-crafted by our instructors and, therefore, every course has its own requirements.

What if I need extra time to complete a course and need to request an extension?

Extension requirements for online courses are the same as they are for on-campus courses.

What are online courses like?

Click here to see what a typical online course looks like.

Do I need a certain type of computer to complete my courses?

No, but we do have technological requirements. Click here to see those requirements. 

How many students are in a typical online course?

Our course cap requirements are the same for any course at Canisius and our faculty:student ratio is 12:1.

Would I be able to connect with other online students?

Of course. You may connect with your fellow classmates through college email, the My.Canisius portal, and Web conferencing platforms, to name a few.

How do internships work as an online student?

In most online courses internships can be done at the residential location of the student. Students will have the guidance of their instructor or internship coordinator to guide them in this process.

Will there be a graduation ceremony?

Yes, and our online students are always invited to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Will I receive a diploma like an on campus student would?

Yes, all diplomas distributed by Canisius are exactly the same.

Is online right for me?

Take the survey on this page to determine if online courses are right for you. 

Will these online credits transfer to another institution?

Online credits transfer in the same way as on-campus credits. Please coordinate with the institution you are transferring to in order to determine if your credits are eligible.

Is there an online library that I could access?

Our library offers many virtual resources for all students. Click here to visit the library Web site. 

How many credits do most people take at one time during a semester?

Click here to find out about full-time and part-time credit information.

Are online courses easier than on-campus courses?

Online courses require the same amount of work and dedication as on-campus courses.

Does online education offer the same values as an on-campus education?

Our online students earn a Canisius education -- built on Jesuit values, real-world experiences, rigor and quality -- with the same quality instruction, learning opportunities and services as they would get on campus, all with the flexibility of a virtual classroom.

Would I be able to start an online course at any time?

Start times depends on the program you are interested in. Please contact the program to find out more.

Am I able to take both online and on-campus courses?

Yes, this is called Hybrid: 50% online and 50% campus-based.

What technology skills do I need to take online courses?

Click here for more information about the specific skills and requirements needed for online courses. 

Do I need any special software on my computer to complete online courses?

You only will need special software if the specific course you are taking requires it.

Do I need any documents to submit with an application?

Click here for application information.

I took advanced college courses in high school; will I receive credits for them?

Click here for application information. 

How do employers view an all online college degree?

Online degrees have become more common and employers recognize them as valuable. All diplomas distributed by Canisius are exactly the same, meaning our online students earn a Canisius education -- built on Jesuit values, real-world experiences, rigor and quality -- with the same quality instruction, learning opportunities and services as they would get on campus, all with the flexibility of a virtual classroom.

How long would my online college degree take?

This answer depends on your course load and requirements of the program you are in. Please contact your advisor for more information.