Get wired for a career in Accounting Information Systems 

Today’s global marketplace requires more complex, real-time financial advice and services.  The Accounting Information Systems (AIS) program at Canisius meets these rapidly developing technology needs to prepare students for careers in this growing field.    

The state-of-the-art AIS program bridges the gap between accounting and information technology.  Graduates go on to careers in technical positions, such as information systems auditors, and secure high-paying jobs within public accounting firms, financial institutions and in the government and non-profit sectors. 

Highlights of the Accounting Information Systems major at Canisius include: 

  • Canisius boasts the #1 large-sized accounting program in New York State, based on CPA exam results
  • Students have the flexibility to dual major in accounting by taking only a few additional courses
  • Our students are in high demand by employers and obtain high-paying salaries shortly after graduation
  • Our students acquire work experience, for pay, while in school and during the summer
  • Close interaction with faculty is built into the culture of the department
  • The Department of Accounting awards merit- and need-based scholarships to qualified accounting majors
  • Students receive professional advice from the Council on Accountancy, a group of more than 50 accounting and financial executives who work to provide quality educational and professional opportunities for students