Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Payment Plans

Griffin Tuition Payment Plan

The Griffin Tuition Payment Plan is a Canisius College sponsored program which provides students and parents with the opportunity to budget their out-of-pocket educational costs over the academic year. For an annual fee of $100, (charged semi-annually), parents may choose a monthly payment amount which will allow them to spread their costs (less financial aid for which the student may be eligible) from August through May, with no additional interest charge.  More information and application forms are available from the Office of Student Accounts at (716) 888-8500.

Canisius College Installment Payment Plan

Students who are unable to pay their bills in full by the due date may pay the balance in monthly payments by signing a Two-Payment Installment Plan per semester. Students wishing to sign up for the Installment Plan program must do so by the due date on the tuition bill. All Installment Plans are subject to a $50 administrative fee. Accounts are subject to a five percent penalty fee if the plan is not paid in full by the due date.  Notes for students under the age of 18 must be co-signed by a parent or legal guardian. The Office of Student Accounts will advise students when a co-signer is required.