Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


International Students

Canadian Students

International Students - Undergraduate

Is there an application deadline for
international students?

International students should submit their applications as early as possible to allow for processing. Applicants for fall semester admission should submit their applications by no later than June 1. Applicants for spring semester admission should submit their applications by no later than November 1.

What are international students required to submit in order to be considered for admission?

International students are required to submit the international student application, proof of English Language proficiency (see below), all secondary school records and grades, and any college or university transcripts.

  Required Score
TOEFL 79 IBT or 550 PBT
IELTS 6.5 overall
CAEL 70 overall
SAT Critical reading section of 500+

Students from Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa are waived from the language proficiency requirement.

Students will also need to submit the Certification of Finances, accompanied by supporting official bank statements, or other official scholarship or loan verification. These documents along with a $400 US deposit are necessary before Canisius can issue an I-20. Students must have an I-20 in order to obtain a student visa.

Does Canisius College offer scholarships and/or financial aid to international students?

Canisius College does not offer need-based financial aid to international students, but there are a variety of merit-based scholarships available. Students are automatically reviewed for scholarship at the time of acceptance.

If I am an international student currently attending another college or university in the United States, what do I need to do to apply for transfer admission to Canisius?

International students currently attending another college or university in the United States should submit an international application for admission, an official transcript from the college or university they are currently attending as well as official secondary school records and grades.

Students who need a student visa should also submit the Certification of Finances, supporting financial documents, and a copy of your current I-20 so Canisius College can issue an I-20.

Does Canisius College offer courses in English as a Foreign Language (EFL)?

Canisius does offer English as a Foreign Language (EFL) courses.

Canadian Students

What is required to apply for admission to Canisius?

Canadian students who have completed grade 12 should have a high school average of 70 or better, based on the Canadian school grading system. An official transcript indicating these grades must be sent to Canisius, along with an application for admission.

What high school courses do I need to take to be considered for admission?

Canadian students should have a total of 16 credits, including four in English, two in a foreign language, three in mathematics, two in social studies, one or two of science and three or four electives.

Will I be required to take a U.S. standardized college admission test (SAT or ACT)?

Canadian students are not required to take either the SAT or the ACT for admission, unless they plan to play an NCAA Division I sport at Canisius.

Do I need a student visa?

Canadian students do not need a student visa. However, they do need to complete a Certification of Finances form. Once students have completed this form, they are issued an I-20 form. This form must be presented to the Port of Authority (Customs) agent upon your first entrance to the U.S. to attend Canisius. At this time, the Customs agent will issue you an I-94 form. You must have both of these forms - the I-20 and I-94 - with you whenever you intend to cross the border. They enable you to enter and leave the United States as you wish.

Can I work while I am attending Canisius?

Canadian students are allowed up to 20 hours of on-campus employment if they qualify for employment programs.

How should I apply for financial aid at Canisius?

A Canisius College Canadian Student Financial Aid application will be mailed to all Canadian applicants. This form should be completed along with the appropriate income tax return documents from you and your parents. You may be eligible for a variety of Canisius funds, which are awarded on academic ability and/or financial need. Canisius will accept loans from the Ontario Student Loan fund.

What forms of financial aid are available for Canadian students?

Canadian students are eligible for a variety of merit-based academic scholarships, as well as Canisius Grants, Athletic Grants, Griffin Employment, and Ontario Student Loans. Learn more information about scholarships for Canadian students.

Will I qualify for any additional types of financial aid if I possess dual citizenship?

If Canadian students provide proof of United States citizenship (U.S. Passport), they may apply for all types of U.S. Federal Financial Aid (e.g., Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant [SEOG], Federal Work Study, Perkins Loan, and Stafford Loan Program). In order to qualify for these forms of aid, students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and the Canisius College Financial Aid Application.

If I earn my degree at Canisius, will I be accepted at graduate schools or professional schools (law or medical) in Canada?

In general, Canadian students who graduate from Canisius receive excellent preparation for graduate school or professional school in Canada. Students simply need to follow the regular application procedures for the schools they would like to attend.

If I earn my degree from Canisius, will I be able to work in professions that normally require a license to practice in Canada?

In general, Canadian students will be able to work in the profession of their choice upon graduating from Canisius, as long as they follow the appropriate procedures. These students should contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-843-1517 for more specific information about a particular program.

If I want to participate in NCAA Division I sports at Canisius, do I have to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Testing (ACT) examination?

Yes. The NCAA stipulates that all students interested in playing a sport at the Division I or II level must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. In order to do this, prospective student-athletes must submit an SAT or ACT score to the Clearinghouse.