Is there an application deadline for transfer students?

There is rolling admission for the Fall and Spring semesters. For students interested in Summer Sessions, schedules are currently being updated for Summer Sessions, and will be online ASAP.

Do you require a high school transcript for high school students?

All transfer students, regardless of age, are required to submit an official high school transcript or secondary school record, unless they have successfully completed 24 or more credit hours at the university level.

Are SAT or ACT scores required for transfer students?

SAT/ACT scores are generally not required for transfer students. However, if a student interested in transferring to Canisius is currently in his/her first semester of courses at another college or university, SAT or ACT scores may be considered.

Are international transfer students required to submit a TOEFL score?

International transfer students are encouraged but not required to submit a TOEFL score if they are currently attending another U.S. college or university. If they are currently attending a college or university outside of the U.S. they must submit a TOEFL score.

When will I receive an evaluation of my transfer credits?

Students receive an evaluation of their credits shortly after they have been accepted to the college. They receive the evaluation before they are expected to pay a tuition deposit.

Will my physical education or health credits transfer?

Students may receive free elective credits for health and physical education courses taken at another college or university if they are pursuing a degree in a related field.

Is campus housing available for transfers?

Campus housing is available for transfer students.

Are transfer students required to live in campus housing?

Transfer students are not required to live in campus housing.

Are there scholarships and financial aid available for transfer students?

Canisius College does offer special scholarships for transfer students as well as the full-range of institutional, state and federal financial aid opportunities. For more information about transfer scholarships click here.

How much is the tuition deposit? How much is the housing deposit?

The tuition deposit for freshmen or transfer students enrolling at Canisius is $200. The housing deposit is $400.

What is the minimum QPA required for admission?

Canisius College will consider for transfer admission all students who have a QPA of at least 2.0 cumulatively from all colleges or universities they have attended or currently attend.

What is the minimum grade I must earn in a course in order to receive transfer credit from Canisius?

Grades of C- or better will be considered for credit at Canisius. Grades of D may only be accepted if a student has earned an associate's degree.

What steps should I take to register for my classes once I have decided to transfer to Canisius?

Students will receive a letter with the name and phone number of their advisor once they have paid their tuition deposit. Students should contact their advisor to set-up an appointment to plan their schedule and register for classes.

If I am an international student currently attending another college or university in the United States, what do I need to do to apply for transfer admission to Canisius?

International Students currently attending another college or university in the United States should submit an International application for admission, an official transcript from the college or university they are currently attending as well as official secondary school records and grades.

Students who need a student visa should also submit the Certification of Finances and supporting financial documents so Canisius College can issue an I-20.

How should I apply for admission? 

Students who wish to transfer to Canisius from another college or university should submit the paper or online version of the application for admission. (Students who are 22 years of age or older will need to submit an adult student application.) The application should be accompanied by official transcripts from all colleges or university the student has attended, the TRF, and an official copy of the student's high school transcript or secondary school record if they have not completed 24 credit hours at the university level.

What colleges do you have dual degree programs with?

Canisius College has dual degree program with the following colleges: Erie Community College, Genesee Community College, Niagara Community College and Trocaire College. Students attending these schools should consult their transfer counselor for more details about the dual degree programs.