Canisius Online December 2012

DiGamma Honor Society to Induct Nine New Members

Eight alumni and one faculty member will be inducted in to the DiGamma Honor Society on Friday, March 8, 2013. They are:


Judy Bassanello ’83
Mary Belle ’73
Rocco Lucente II ’80
Robert Maloney ’71
Mark Manuele ’92
Frank Swiatek ’65
Pauline Will ’93
Daniel Zimmer ’83, MBA ’87

Administration & Faculty

Michael Noonan, PhD

The DiGamma Honor Society recognizes alumni, faculty and administrators who have distinguished themselves working for the advancement of the college.

Santa Claus - The Image of a Tradition

His coming makes the children sick with anticipation and when he arrives in the dead of night, he spoils them rotten with candy and toys. If that’s not enough, he’s overweight and smokes. How can such an obvious candidate for a coronary be any kind of role model? But then, what kid has ever wanted to grow up to be Santa Claus?

Yet he’s a grand figure of a man, conspicuous both in consumption and in distribution. He’s a one-man economic upturn who lives in the land of the midnight sun, where the daytime is 24 hours long. As one wag from the local business school put it, he had to take up residence there because his production schedule required more than a regulation day to meet demand. His stock, however, doesn’t appear in Standard and Poor’s, and even though he is always in red, no one, not even the elves, has ever attempted a leverage buy-out. He’s solvent. Read more.

Six to be inducted in to Sports Hall of Fame on January 19

On January 19, the college’s Sports Hall of Fame (HOF) will add six new members. During the 2013 ceremony, which also marks the 50th anniversary of the HOF, the following individuals will be inducted:

Darren Fenn ’01 ǀ Men’s Basketball
Shauna (Geronzin) Green ’02 ǀ Women’s Basketball
Brian Swatland ’98, MS ’02 ǀ Football
Kristy Grossman ’02, MS ’07 ǀ Women’s Lacrosse
Lynn Stoczynski ’01 ǀ Softball
Don Colpoys ǀ Baseball Coach

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Six alumni were honored for distinguishing themselves in their chosen professions at the 2012 Distinguished Alumni awards dinner on Saturday, November 10 at the Montante Cultural Center. Pictured left to right are: William Sisler '69, PhD, J. Donald Schumacher '72, HON '92, PsyD, Hon. Anthony Masiello '69, HON '96, Christopher Kelly '83, James Metzler '72 and Petrina Genco '70, PhD. For a list of past recipients, click here