Frequently Asked Questions

What types of admission activities can I participate in as an Admissions Ambassador?

As an admissions ambassador, you will be able to choose from a variety of activities that will aid in the recruitment of prospective students.  Ambassadors are able to represent Canisius at college fairs, become a liaison for high schools in your area, and interview prospective students.  Throughout the admission cycle, the Office of Admissions may ask ambassadors to also help with specific events.  

How can I get involved in the Admissions Ambassador program?

Those who are interested in volunteering can fill out and submit the registration form on the admissions ambassador's website. Once you submit the form, your registration information will go directly the office that you would like to work with.  A representative from that office will contact you with available volunteer opportunities.

What is the time commitment to be an Admissions Ambassador?

Ambassadors should expect to dedicate no more than 15 hours throughout the academic year.

What kind of training will I receive to be prepared to speak with prospective students and their families?

The Office of Admissions has created a variety of training materials for you to use while working with prospective students.  The training materials will give you valuable information about admission criteria, financial aid, majors of study, extracurricular activities and much more!  The training materials are available on the website.  If you have any questions or if there is a topic you are unsure about you should contact Valerie Nugent in the Office of Admissions.

Are there any other activities that I can participate in to help with the recruitment of undergraduate students?

Alumni and friends are encouraged to refer prospective students to the Office of Admissions by simply filling out a form on the undergraduate admissions ambassador website.  The students will be contacted by their Canisius admission counselor.

How will I receive the Canisius materials that I will bring to a college fair or high school visit?

The Office of Admissions will mail you a box of materials for the college fair(s) and/or high school visits that you are attending.  Included in the box will be a self paid envelope for you to return any unused materials to the Office of Admissions.

What should I do if I do not know the answer to a student or parent’s question?

If you do not know the answer to a question it is best to be honest with the student.  Inform the student that you are not sure of the answer and that you are going to ask an admission counselor.  Ask the student for his/her contact information and let the student know you will contact them with the answer after you speak with an admission professional.

Is there a specific format or list of questions that I should use when interviewing a prospective student?

When setting up an interview with a prospective student it is best to meet at an agreeable time and location (coffee shop, bookstore). Interviews typically last 30 minutes and the Office of Admissions does not require you to ask any specific questions.  The interview should allow you to learn more about the student’s talents and his/her ability to engage you in a conversation.

How should I dress when attending a college fair, high school visit or interviewing a prospective student?

It is important that you always dress professionally and introduce yourself as an alumni representative from Canisius College.