Do You Dig Anthropology?

The anthropology major or minor at Canisius College has the unique advantage of offering courses in all four areas of the discipline: biological anthropology, archaeology, socio-cultural anthropology, and linguistics. Students work closely with professors on internships, research projects, studying abroad programs, and opportunities for publishing in scholarly books and academic journals.

Many students declare Anthropology as one part of a dual major from other departments, including biology, psychology, religious studies and political science. 

Why Study Anthropology at Canisuis

  • Get published! Anthropology majors  at Canisius enjoy a unique opportunity to publish as undergraduates.  Their contributions may appear in the award-winning Encyclopedia of Anthropology, the Encyclopedia of Time or the 21st Century Handbook of Anthropology, all edited by Canisius faculty member H. James Birx, PhD.
  • Spread your knowledge - Internship opportunities, both here and abroad, include archaeological sites, historical museums, zoos and community agencies and organizations.
  • Prepares students for a variety of careers, including - business, law, education, human services and research, as well as medicine and other health-related professions.

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