Program Overview 

The requirements for an anthropology major at Canisius allow students to easily minor or take a dual major in another discipline, such as criminal justice, communication studies, computer science, history, English, psychology or political science.  The minor in anthropology is appropriate for students who study biology, art history, classics, and education, and for any student interested in human diversity and prehistory.

What is anthropology?

Anthropology is the scientific and holistic study of humankind, including its cultural, social, linguistic, biological-evolutionary, environmental and historical dimensions.  It is a highly interdisciplinary field, which draws on methods and theories from both the social sciences and humanities.

Historically, anthropology differed from sociology because it focused on the study of non-Western, small-scale societies and used long-term participant observation of the people studied.  Presently, the two fields are drawing closer together, and use similar methodologies and theories to understand both Western and non-Western societies.

Dual Majors

Many students who major in anthropology find it desirable to combine it with a major in another department such as biology, history, psychology, political science, modern languages and communication studies.  The sequence of courses for dual majors is the same as for regular majors.  To provide for maximum flexibility of scheduling, students interested in dual majors should consult with a member of the department to arrange their individual schedules.

Anthropology Minor

The anthropology minor is designed for the student who is interested in the study of anthropology but is not able to complete the requirements of the major. It is highly appropriate for students in biology, art history, classics, education, or for any student interested in human diversity and prehistory.


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