MS in Anthrozoology Curriculum

1.  Required introductory course

All students are required to take the following course during their first semester in the program:

ANZ 501 Introduction to Anthrozoology

2.  Breadth requirement

Students must take at least one course from each of the following categories to ensure a sufficient breadth in the discipline:

Natural Sciences
ANZ 506 Topics of Animal Behavior
ANZ 507 The Mental Lives of Animals
ANZ 526 Animal Welfare

ANZ 502 Animal Ethics
ANZ 503 Religious Perspectives on Animals
ANZ 504 Animals, Public Policy, and the Law
ANZ 512 Animals in Literature and the Arts

Social Sciences

ANZ 518 Psychology of the Human Animal Bond
ANZ 531 Cross-Cultural Anthrozoology
ANZ 532 Conservation Psychology
ANZ 533 Child-Animal Studies

3.  Electives

Students may also choose from any of the following electives to fulfill credit hour requirements:

ANZ 505 Research Methods in Anthrozoology

ANZ 509 Animal Assisted Interventions

ANZ 516 Understanding Indifference and Animal Abuse
ANZ 524 Shelters, Rescues, and Pounds
ANZ 525 Anthrozoological Perspectives on Zoos
ANZ 526 Animal Welfare
ANZ 530 Animals as Commodities
ANZ        Animal Geographies

4. Capstone

All students must complete one of the following three options as a capstone experience.  This can range from 3 credit hours to 9 credit hours depending on the student’s level of engagement. ANZ 601 and 603 must be completed during one’s final semester. ANZ 602 may be completed over multiple semesters, but cannot commence until the student has completed taken ANZ 505 and at least 18 credit hours overall.

ANZ 601 Internship (3 credits, 6 credits or 9 credits)
ANZ 602 Quantitative Research (3 credits or 9 credits)
ANZ 603 Qualitative Research (9 credits only)

5. Credit hours

In total, the Canisius College Master’s Degree in Anthrozoology requires students to complete a total of 36 credit hours.  This will involve the completion of 10-12 courses, depending on the size and scope of the capstone.

Please note:  All courses must be completed at Canisius College. The Anthrozoology Master’s Program at Canisius does not accept transfer credits from others universities. 

6.  Time limit

Once enrolled, a student is obligated to complete this degree in no more than four years. 

7. Academic Excellence

In order to complete the degree, the student needs to have an overall GPA of 3.0.