Master's of Applied Nutrition FAQs

1.  Why choose Canisius' MS in Applied Nutrition?

  • With more than 75 years of experience in granting master's degrees, Canisius is one of the most well respected schools in the region.
  • The Canisius program is the only nutrition master’s program in WNY with concentrations in obesity/eating disorders, fitness and sports nutrition, and business and entrepreneurship. 
  • Canisius faculty have significant field experience, academic research credentials and connections with the professional community.

2.  When can I start the program?

Terms are eight weeks in length with start dates in the fall, spring and summer. Course offerings are limited in the summer.

You select your start date when you file your application. If you are unsure of your start date, select the earliest one that you are may attend. Should you be accepted and wish to change your start date, simply inform the Graduate Admissions office in writing of your new start date and the change will be noted on your file.

3.  How long will it take to complete the MS?

The program is designed to be flexible. It may be completed in as little as one year or at your own pace.

4.  Do I need to currently be a Registered Dietician to apply for this program?
The program is designed for candidates in health related fields who desire in depth study of nutrition to expand their knowledge. If you are not an RD but have appropriate college-level coursework in the sciences, you will meet requirements for admission. If you do not meet these prerequisites, you may be required to complete additional undergraduate coursework. 

5.  How do I apply?
You can complete a Graduate Application online with no application fee.  We recommend that you submit all application materials at least 30 days before your desired start date.