Club Sports

Club Sports

Forfeit Fees

Forfeit fees are a $20 fee (or $10 for Individual Sports) that is charged to each team that plays in an Intramural League (not a tournament). The fee is designed to entice teams to show up for their scheduled games and not forfeit.  

Teams must turn in their forfeit fee either with their roster, or at the captain's meeting if they submitted the roster over the internet. During the course of the league play, if a team forfeits one game, they lose the entire $20 forfeit fee. However, if they do not forfeit any games, they can get the money back at the end of league play for that sport. Any teams whose forfeit fees have not been picked up by the end of that academic semester will be deposited into the Intramural Department general fund. 

A captain can choose to use their forfeit fee for more than one sport, if they did not forfeit any games during the first one. For example, if they have a fall season team that doesn't forfeit any games, they can choose to roll over the fee to spring season team. It must be approved by the team captain and the Intramural Coordinator.