Be more than a fan!

Be more than a fan!

Get in the Game

Be more than a fan. Support our students on and off the court through the Beat Niagara Challenge.

Our student-athletes will be competing against their greatest rival on the court six times in four weeks - twice in men's basketball, twice in women's - and just as they are challenging their greatest rival, we're challenging you to be more than just a fan.

Will you participate in this year's Beat Niagara Challenge?

Each year, Canisius takes on Niagara in the Battle of the Bridge, an all-sports compeititon that was established during the 2006-07 season to enhance the historic rivalry between the Golden Griffins and Purple Eagles. Canisus has won the compeition each of the past four years and six times in the last seven years. Can we count on your help to ensure this year is no expcetion?
We challenge you to be more than just a fan by
  • cheering on the Golden Griffins at one of the many Canisius/Niagara athletic events,

  • making a gift to the Blue & Gold Fund in support of our student-athletes (all donors who make a gift of $50 or more now through the month of February will receive a t-shirt), and

  • attending our Beat Niagara Event on Tuesday, February 24 at 6 p.m. (during half-time of the women's basketball game) in the Koessler Athletic Center.

To register for the February 24 basketball games and Beat Niagara event, contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at 716-888-2700 or 1-800-201-4952. 

The Blue & Gold Fund provides essential Athletics funding for scholarships,
staffing support, recruiting and team travel that are critical to the success of our
Golden Griffins, both on the playing field and in the classroom. Go Griffs!

Our alumni are more than just fans

John Langer ’76

John Langer graduated from Canisius in 1976, works as a partner at the Buffalo law firm of Jensen Marks Langer and Vance LLC, and supports students on and off the court as chair of the Canisius Fund Cabinet, Alumni Association Past President and Leadership Society member.

Why I support Canisius students

“A Canisius connection has played an influential role in my success in almost every career-advancing turn in my professional life. Canisius graduates over the years have earned a significantly high number of leadership positions in the Western New York community, and they utilize their success to help others, particularly Canisius students and grads. I am proud to say that many Canisius grads represent the leadership backbone of our community, and equally, I am determined to continue that long standing tradition.”

Be more than a fan

Dick Wayne ‘70

Dick Wayne graduated from Canisius in 1970, lives locally and works as an accountant. He supports students on and off the court not only as a fan but through his annual gift to the Canisius Fund.

Why I support Canisius students

“I realized when I was paying tuition for my daughters that the cost of a Jesuit education was high. I knew that if others were going to have the benefit of a Jesuit education, I would need to contribute to help alleviate the cost to the student and help the college continue its mission. The college market is very aggressive and alumni must provide support in order for Canisius to remain competitive and attract quality students.” 

Bill Maher '89

Bill Maher graduated in 1989, was a member of the Golden Griffin football team for four years, and currently serves as the college’s athletic director, a position he has held since 2005.

Why I support Canisius students

“Because I have seen firsthand what a tremendous opportunity it is for our student-athletes to combine a wonderful academic experience with a challenging athletic experience. This opportunity was central in me achieving my professional goals, and I want to provide that same opportunity to our current students.”

Mike Hofer ’08, MBA ’10

Mike Hofer works for First Niagara. He and his wife, Anna, graduated in 2008. They support students on and off the court in so many ways, including their annual gifts to the Canisius Fund.

Why I support Canisius students

“It’s always great to see our students succeed on the court, but it’s their successes off the court and inside the classroom that make Canisius such a special place. When I was a student, support from alumni helped me succeed, and I hope my contributions will help these soon-to-be alumni achieve their future success.”

Jim McNicholas ’68, MS ’97 

Jim McNicholas earned two degrees from Canisius, a bachelor’s degree in 1968 and a master’s degree in education in 1997. He and wife Dorothy live in Buffalo, and help support student success through their annual gift to the Canisius Fund.

Why I support Canisius students

“When I was a student at Canisius back in the mid-60s, the support students received from the Jesuits, lay faculty and staff was amazing. As one of only about 100 resident students at the college, we depended on the Jesuit presence in the dormitory. Canisius helped me mature and prepared me for my future. In supporting athletics, I would like to think I am helping create an atmosphere where student-athletes know they are supported in the present and will always have a home at the college that will welcome them when they return to Alma Mater.”

Nick Fiume '01

Nick Fiume graduated from Canisius in 2001, works locally as an accountant for Deloitte & Touche, and supports students on and off the court as a member of the Alumni Board of Directors.

Why I support Canisius students

“Supporting Canisius students is important to me as a way to express thanks for the excellent college experience I received. The accomplishments of the Canisius accounting program are well known–and well known for a reason. The classroom preparation helped me as a young CPA. The lifelong mentoring fostered by the program continue to benefit my career through both professional advice from my old professors (or “warranty work,” as they call it) and the fulfilling experience of mentoring students and younger alums.

“Beyond the preparation for my profession, Canisius also gave me a well-rounded education–some of my best college experiences didn’t involve debits and credits, but rather came from the best-in-class Honors Program and the opportunities to serve in clubs and student government.  With everything I’ve received, it’s my honor to give back and support our current Griffs!”

Ann Woloszynski '90, MBA '94

Ann Woloszynski’s ties to Canisius run deep. She’s earned two degrees from the college (a bachelor’s degree in 1990 and an MBA in 1994), was a member of the women’s softball and basketball teams, served as an assistant softball coach, earned a place in the Sports Hall of Fame, and now serves as president of the Alumni Board.

Why I support Canisius students

“While I was a student, I was fortunate to be able to benefit from both the financial support and mentoring of alumni before me. My Canisius experience would not have been the same without it. Since my time as a student, I've had the pleasure interacting with Canisius students both on and off the athletic fields. Our current Canisius students are doing amazing things and carry on our Griffin pride! Now it's my turn to give back as we live our Jesuit mission of being men and women for others.”

Ellen Musialowski '08

Ellen Musialowski earned a bachelor’s degree from the college in 2008 and works locally as an accounting manager at Praxair. Her husband Christopher also graduated from Canisius, earning a bachelor’s degree in 2008 and an MBA in 2009. Both help students succeed through their annual support of the Canisius Fund.

Why I support Canisius students

“As a student, I was fortunate to be awarded several academic scholarships from the college. These scholarships made tuition more reasonable and ultimately helped me in my decision to attend Canisius. I donate to and support Canisius College because they have given me much more than an education -- they provided me with life experiences and a support network which I couldn't have found anywhere else.”

Jim Schofield MS ‘73

Jim Schofield graduated from Canisius in 1973 with a master’s degree in education and served as president of the Alumni Board of Directors in 2011-12. A retired school counselor, Jim lives in Syracuse and helps student succeed through his annual gifts to the Canisius Fund.

Why I support Canisius students

“As a student I remember alumni who willingly gave of their time to guest lecture in several classes and also spent a lot of time answering our questions about careers and job search. I was impressed with that and wanted to be that kind of alum. I am also impressed with the students I meet on campus and their breadth of service, volunteerism and academic pursuits.”

Mary Perna Greenwald ’84, MBA ‘96

Mary Perna Greenwald earned a bachelor’s degree from Canisius in 1984 an MBA in 1996. She helps students succeed through her involvement with the college and her gifts to the Canisius Fund.

Why I support Canisius students

“The generous support of so many dedicated Canisius Alums is one if the things that distinguishes Canisius and makes it special. I am proud to be a part if the Canisius family, and feel alumni support enhances the experience for many students, not only today, but in their future.”

Mike Masucci '07

Mike Masucci is a 2007 graduate who lives in suburban Syracuse and helps Canisius students succeed through his annual support to the Canisius Fund.

Why I support Canisius students

"Supporting students is truly a passion of mine and a way for me to give back to Canisius. I’m successful because of the guidance I received from my peers and the many mentors I had at Canisius. Now, it’s my turn to become a mentor for students and young alumni who need it most. I believe all Canisius students deserve the best opportunities available. I feel that my gifts of time and money help make this possible.

Ed Kelley '08

Ed Kelley is a 2008 graduate who works at Citi Group in Buffalo and helps student succeed through his annual gifts to the Canisius Fund.

Why I support Canisius students:

“I believe it’s important to support students just as the alumni before me have done--with my time and financially. Many of my classmates and I received scholarships while attending Canisius, and without continued support, students today may not have the same great experience I had.

“I have a great pride in Canisius and hope that every student can have a similar feeling. Part of this pride was due to alumni such as Jim Schofield MS ’73 and Dennis Misko ’67. They set an example of support for me when I was a student, and I’m hoping to have a similar impact.”

Jennie Smith '91, MBA '93

Jennie Smith is a two-time graduate of Canisius (1991 undergraduate and 1993 MBA), former tennis player and a member of the Sports Hall of fame who helps students succeed through the Canisius Fund.

Why I support Canisius students

“Supporting students on and off the court is essential to their success. Donating to the Canisius Fund and spending time with students shows them that we are a part of their team. Alumni can guide the students by encouraging them to focus on academics, develop a career path and become involved in our community.

“I was proud to wear the Blue and Gold and represent our school. I want to help current students feel the same way. I want them to know that people appreciate them and want them to help continue a legacy of leadership and success.”