Get Ahead with a Major in the Emerging Field of Bioinformatics

Students in the bioinformatics program at Canisius enter an exciting, emerging interdisciplinary field that applies mathematical and computational techniques to solve complex biological problems.  They also examine the ethical and social issues related to the rapid proliferation of biological data. 

There is high demand in both government and industry for scientists trained in bioinformatics techniques whose expertise is critical to drug discovery, disease diagnosis and systems medicine. Graduates of the Canisius bioinformatics program are well-qualified for further study and careers in the lucrative biotech industry in research, medicine, computational biology or computer science.

Why Study Bioinformatics at Canisius

  • This is an exciting time for the sciences at Canisius College. Phase I of Science Hall, the college’s new interdisciplinary science center, opened in August 2012. Science Hall provides space for collaborative research and teaching.
  • Canisius is the first college in Western New York to offer an undergraduate bioinformatics major.   
  • Students gets hands-on experience in the Computer Science Department’s Robotics Laboratory complete with 35 new robots, including 20 Lego Mindstorms, six Sony AIBO robotic dogs, six Handy Boards and three ER-1s (Evolution Robotics). The college purchased the equipment with a portion of a nearly $1 million NASA grant.
  • Bioinformatics graduates are consistently accepted into top graduate schools including Yale, Berkley, Northwestern University and Rochester Institute of Technology. In recent years, one hundred percent of graduates who applied to medical school were accepted.

All majors take core courses for a strong foundation in biology, chemistry, math, statistics and computer science.  Further electives allow bioinformatics majors to earn a concentration in biology, physics, math or computer science.

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